Willy Silver

Name: Willy Silver
Character LJ: Willy Silver
Player: Shan
Original canon: War for the Oaks
Age: Centuries
Race: The Good Folk (Faerie)
Housing Situation: He has an apartment in a run down part of the waterfront. The windows are always open, regardless of temperature or harbor odor.
Job: Professional musician- Guitarist
Physical description: His voice was the first clear impression Eddi had of him. It was low, resonant, and musical, with what seemed like a pleasant accent, until she realized that it was an absence of accent. Then he stepped into the room and the light. Eddi thought for a moment of porcelain, but she had never seen anything made of porcelain that looked delicate and rugged at once.

He was tall and slender and interestingly pale. His face was longish, with high, wide cheekbones and a pointed chin, and his eyes, under black lashes and brows, were a breathtaking green. Shining blue-black hair spilled over his forehead in appealing disarray, and Eddi saw that what she had at first taken for reflected light was a wide white streak in his hair, a little off center. He wore a black leather jacket and tight black jeans. Somehow they seemed to bring color into the room.

Willy is a talented musician — guitar, electric violin — and sings a decent tenor on top of that. He moves as if he floats, as if he hasn't a care in the world. As a rule, his dress is black and white; he wears a silver earring shaped like three intersecting crescent moons in one ear.

Abilities: As a member of the Seelie Court, Willy is capable of many forms of magic. He is adept at Glamours, but has other talents. He can hold his liquor very well. Most importantly, he is an amazing musician, adept at both guitar and violin (electric, to be precise), and has a wonderful singing voice.

His family is from the old country but Willy was born in the country south of Kin City. He came to the city to be amongst people and to indulge his desire to play music. He's always been the family black sheep- not in that he's done anything wrong. His family just doesn't know what to do with him. He is notoriously tight lipped about his background.

Willy is warm and charming. Consummately polite, he is quick to defend those he feels need protection. He is sensual and charismatic in a way that is so compelling that only the most reprehensible people don't respond positively. It feels good to be around him, but he never uses any of this to his advantage. He just wants to live a simple life in the world that he prefers over the one he came from.

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