Thomas Hector Schofield

"If I live to be a veteran at this, it'll be a miracle."


Name: Thomas Hector "Hex" Schofield
Player: Shan
Character LJ: Just Hex
Original canon: Doctor Who
Age: 23
Race: Human
Housing Situation: He lives in a small one bedroom apartment in a high rise near Kin City General.
Physical description: Hex is 23, well built, blond, standing 5'8". He has kind eyes and a soft smile.

Abilities: Former combat medic

Hex has lived in Kin City most of his life with a brief stint away when he was serving a tour of duty. He was born in the Albion Union in New Liverpool but his mother soon abandoned him. He was raised by his gran in a small house off the island in Shoreview (which he always thought was funny since you couldn't see the shore at all, not anywhere in town). He always wanted to be a nurse, his hero being the Old Earth pioneer, Florence NIghtingale. When he was of age, Hex served in the military, driving an ambulance and learning trauma and triage. When his tour was done, he continued doing what he knew, taking a job as a nurse at Kin City General.

All Hex wants to do is play fair, help out, then have enough time and cash to go get a pint, eat chips and gravy, and watch telly. He makes friends easily, is no stranger to hard work, and is most happy when it's all done and he can kick back. However, because of his service and some of the recent events in Kin City, Hex has no trouble wading into danger and being a hero. With the Golden Path bombings, people with credentials such as Hex has have been pulled out of the hospital to do on sight triage at places like the space port and underground bombings. He loves the thrill of his job but he is honestly glad to be a nurse and not a doctor.

Job: Staff nurse at Kin City General

Quite a bit more information here, though it's canon and not AU'd as he is for Killjoy.

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