The Midnighter

Player: Jan
Character LJ: Midnighter
Original canon: Stormwatch/The Authority
PB: Randy Keith Orton
Age: Unknown. Assumed middle 30s
Race: Ultrahuman
Physical description: 6'0", 185lbs. His hair is kept high-and-tight short, red-to-brown in color.

Abilities: Midnighter's physical and neural enhancements allow him to play a million variations of a fight through his head before the fight's even started. He can detect what, if any, super powers his opponent may have. Though his physical durability remains intact, the technology that powers his 'fight-computers' can be tampered with, rendering his offense precognition useless.

It has been suggested that Bendix had 'designed' Midnighter and Apollo in childhood.

Midnighter is superhumanly strong, quick, and resilient. He is faster than the human and even superhuman eye, and with a healing factor that allows him rapidly to recover from injury and illness. He has survived a broken neck, broken limbs, holes through his chest, the tearing out of his back-up heart, and burning; he also claims to have "[beaten] AIDS in six weeks". He can survive in anaerobic environments for short periods and possesses a secondary heart should the first one be rendered unusable.


Midnighter, alongside his future husband Apollo, was part of a top secret Stormwatch team created by the first Weatherman, Henry Bendix. Nobody but Bendix himself knew of the team's existence. Bendix built them as superhuman and, when they donned their costumes and spoke their codenames, their previous identities ceased to exist.

However, this secret team was all but destroyed during their first mission, Apollo and Midnighter being the only survivors. They went rogue and spent the next five years undercover fighting for a finer world in the alleyways of America. One mission took them to Britain, where they thwarted Bendix's attempts at experimenting on children to create superhumans, in the process developing links with MI5. They remained unknown to Stormwatch until Christine Trelane found the files about their team after Bendix's fall.

Jackson King, formerly Battalion, now the new Weatherman, ordered them found, not being sure whether they were heroes or villains. Midnighter and Apollo were after weapons made in the "Nevada Garden", a relic of the first Engineer. He ordered Fahrenheit and Hellstrike to tag them with fetishes so they could be transported into SkyWatch. Midnighter and Apollo first attacked the Stormwatch team, believing them under Bendix's orders. However, they ceased the attack once they were told Bendix was dead. With King's help, they violently retrieved the Garden from the U.S. Army, and King granted them what they asked for: new lives away from Stormwatch.

The Authority
After Stormwatch was destroyed, Jenny Sparks convinced both Midnighter and Apollo to come out of retirement and join her new group, The Authority. A formidable fighter with a sardonic attitude, Midnighter epitomized the new team's commitment to fighting for a finer world, including against vested interests and world governments.

After the death of Jenny Sparks, Midnighter and Apollo decided to take a vacation somewhere in what would be an alternate Earth to their world; a world that knows nothing of The Authority while the rest of the team attempts to figure out where to go next and fill the void left by Sparks' death.

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