The Game

Why we started KJRPG:

As much as we both love traditional LJ based role playing games, we felt we'd really enjoy a world where not only could the players create random NPCS and such when they needed them- but could help create the world they were living in. Our game is suited for everyone, from people who just want to find a nice little corner to settle in and write fluff, to players who want huge plots filled with action and angst. Our game is built to fit your needs, and we feel that makes it a very unique experience. You don't have to adapt how you play to how we play, you can do what feels right for you. We have loose posting requirements, and we are always willing to listen to your ideas and thoughts. We're mods, but we're also players, and at the end of the day the only way we enjoy the game is if you're enjoying it also.

Submitting an idea:

For the most part we encourage you not to submit ideas- but instead to just do them. Now if you're going to burn down half the city, it would be great if you let us know, but for the most part we're good with letting you do what you like. If you'e really worried, however, or would like to find people to participate in your idea, Post to the OOC community explaining what you'd like to do and asking others to join in. If you're really unsure about something, you can always contact a mod.

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