The City

The majority of the game takes place in the biggest city on New Earth, Kin City. Kin is the center of everything from culture to shopping. It's based heavily on New York City and as such has many of the same areas, including a central park. It's makes for a very versatile playground, sporting everything from the poshest highrises to the dankest slums. We designed it this way to make the city adaptable to your needs as a player, leaving the world open for you to be wherever you feel is suiteable for your charactor or a plot you'd like to play out. If you can imagine it being in a city (or a futuristic city), it can be there. We want you to help create this world and activly encourage you to let your imagination go a little wild.

Kin City began as the hub of civilization hundreds of years ago when New Earth was first settled by a group of scientists from Old Earth. This original settlement is often referred to as Colony One, a simple settling under a bio-dome that was eventually built over to create Kin. Over time, a culture unique to the world has been created. The melding of Old Earth ways with new world needs, as well as the influence of other-worlders, has spawned a world rich with art, religion, language, literature, and industry.

As the main port for off world transit, everything that is imported or exported goes through Kin. Every part of New Earth is represented in enclaves around the city. Aliens have their own neighborhoods. Races and cultures tend to stick together, no matter how integrated and progressive the city as a whole is.

Places of Interest:

Alpha Bar - Small bar where popular local bands sometimes play.
Axon Tower - One of Kin Cities tallest buildings.
Babylon - Massive and very popular night club.
Bar Jǐng Qì - Very exclusive bar.
Bound Treasures - Book store owned by Prometheus.
Chinatown Marketplace
Joes Karaoke Bar And Grill
Kin City General - Hospital
The Red Room - Legal brothel


Green Cab
Touch Of Class Limo Rentals


Central Park: Centrally located, this swath of green nearly divides the city on the north end. A great place for joggers. Features a large pond which becomes a wonderful venue for ice skating in the winter.

Hourglass Park: This is a critical gathering point for many activities for the city. With plenty of room for play and relaxation, a figure 8 jogging path, and two playgrounds, it also is home to the city's famed azalea gardens. Hourglass park also serves as the staging area for The Kin City Marathon, Oktoberfest, one of the most spectacular holiday light displays, and our yearly Food Fest.

Harborfront Amusements: Styled after the old fashioned pier amusement parks, this state of the art park offers rides, games, food, and fun.


Businesses available in Kin City

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