The Beacon

The Beacon, Restaurant, Bar & View

Owner: Jackie Estacado

Located in the Forrester Building, located in Kin City's downtown district, The Beacon offers New European flavored dishes, created by award winning Chef Anton. It observes a evening style dress code in the restaurant during dinner service; business attire for lunch.

The Beacon is a rotating restaurant that offers a separate bar area, serving cool cocktails and live jazz by the Butler Anderson Trio, creating a relaxing ambiance and the perfect place to unwind.

Completing one full 360-degree revolution every 35 minutes, The Beacon provides a complete, and stunning, panorama of Kin city. From this vantage point on the 73rd floor, guests may sample from the distinctive menu of signature cocktails, savor regional concoctions in the souvenir glassware or enjoy non-alcoholic beverages and a selection of tantalizing appetizers and entrees.

On the 72nd floor, The Beacon hosts a private casino providing members only with a full and rich gambling experience.

For Restaurant dining and Casino admittance, reservations only.

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