Spencer Reid

Name: Spencer Reid
PB: Matthew Gray Gubler

Age: 25
Occupation: Formally a profiler for the Kin city police, currently a researcher/field agent for Tochwood 5.

Weapons: silver .38 Smith 65 3' revolver

Background: Reid is a genius who graduated from a public high school at age twelve. When he was 13 he was accepted into one of the finest Universities on New Earth where he earned three doctorates. One in Mathematics, one in Chemistry, and another in Engineering. (He also has three undergraduate degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy.)

Reid also possess an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and can read 20,000 words per minute. His intelligence and unusual skills made him a target for bullying in school. He also has abandonment issues from being left by his father. When he was eighteen, he had his mother placed in a mental institution for a mental illness he fears he may have or one day develop as well.

Personality: Reid is book smart, but he is far from street smart a lot of the time. He's kind, but occasionally clueless. He is also a recovering addict, and though he is working on getting and staying clean, the right amount of stress could make him slip.

He can occasionally come off as smug, though really it's not about pride so much as the fact that he simply knows he is intelligent and accomplished and doesn't understand why he should be modest about it.

Spencer displays many qualities of borderline aspergers, and suffers from limited social skills. Things that would seem normal to others are often a foreign concept to Spencer, but he is quick to learn and adapt to social norms.

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