Sam Vimes

Name: Sam Vimes
Character LJ: A Man of the City
Player: Becca
Original canon: Discworld
Age: 55
Race: Human
Job: Chief of Police, Kin City Police Department
Physical description: Everything about Vimes screams 'cop.' He is scruffy and thin, with a face lined by world-weariness as much as years. Though he is really quite well-off, you wouldn't know it to look at him, for his boots are likely to be well-worn and his rolled-up shirt cuffs frayed. He's stronger than you would expect from someone his age, in a wirey sort of way. Sam Vimes is all gruffness and sharp corners, at least until you begin to look beneath the surface.
Living Situation: Vimes lives with his family in a well-appointed townhouse near Kin City Metro Park, in one of the city's most impressive neighborhoods. It has more furniture than Vimes knows what to do with and enough rooms to house an entire block of families. He's still not sure how he feels about that.
Family: Vimes' wife, Sybil Ramkin-Vimes, descends from one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Kin, the sort of "old money" people who are deeply protective of their traditions and have most of their wealth tied up in complicated trusts and shady real estate deals. Though polite and at ease in high society, a certain down-to-earth matter-of-factness separates her from many of her social peers. She is well known in Kin for hosting charity balls, dedicating hospital wings, and sitting on the boards of half a dozen museums and cultural institutions. She also breeds pit bulls, which she insists that, despite their outward fierceness, are all soppy on the inside.

It's no coincidence that her husband is a bit like that, too.

Sam and Sybil have a six-year-old son, Sam jr., who is currently in his first year of school.


Sam Vimes grew up in Kin City, son of a policeman and an alcoholic who skipped out on his family when he was young and a single mother who struggled to make ends meet and provide opportunities for her children that she never had. She never quite succeeded - Vimes joined the Force like his father, back when the KCPD was more known for corruption than for keeping the peace, and when those who joined up tended to do so because they weren't sure what else they could do.

And there he worked for nearly thirty years, learning and perfecting the KCPD's great traditions, generally consisted of chasing criminals very slowly to avoid having to deal with actually catching them, looking the other way as corruption ran rampant, and having a quiet smoke in the rain. He managed to get himself promoted to Detective eventually, because he did have a good head on his shoulders when he wasn’t drinking (but he usually was).

But about a decade ago, things began to miraculously change. Obviously, no dragons came to make Vimes a hero, but he caught a killer that no one else in the city had been able to catch, he foiled a political plot that could have brought down much of the region, and he started to believe in himself. . Sam finally dug up a few lessons learned from a sergeant of his youth, and then the KCPD was solving crimes, not running from them. First as a captain and then as chief of police, he cleared out much of the KCPD's bribery, began diversifying the force (both ethnically and inter-planatarily), and made coppering something people could be proud of again. These days, his work is more political than it is policework, a fact that he still in not comfortable with. Some people in Kin tend to hate Vimes as a meddler with the status quo, a hard-ass, a Very Suspicious Bastard, but he has his fans as well, and those men who work with him (even when they're not men) tend to deeply respect him.


Sam Vimes can be, to put it in his own words, a Really Suspicious Bastard. But that works well for him. Born dirt poor, he has now risen to the highest levels of Kin society (much to his dismay, most of the time), but he is still, at heart, a common thief-taker and damn proud of it.

He’s not what you’d call smart, our Sam, not in any sort of traditional way. He doesn’t much trust things that can be found in books, but he’s a heck of a lot smarter when it comes to the down-and-dirty real life stuff than anyone (or even he himself) gives him credit for. ‘Street-smart’ is really the best way to describe him – he knows /people/, in all the selfishness and selflessness, he knows his city (both figuratively and literally, as it’s said he can find his way anywhere in the city with his eyes closed, just by the feel of the cobbles under a well-worn pair of boots), and he knows coppering up and down, inside and out. When he’s on a case he doesn’t trust easily, and he doesn’t like easy answers or straightforward ‘clues’.

But under the more hardened exterior, Sam is a struggling idealist and a deeply honest man. He believes deeply in the importance of real justice, but he looks at the world around him and sees not only a place that lacks it, but also people who don’t deserve it getting it, and people who /do/ not. And yet his belief in deeper truth is the only thing that keeps him sane sometimes. His greatest struggles come when his street-hardened cynicism is thrown up against the deep beliefs in truth and justice that he holds so dear, and he finds himself desperate to maintain them, tarnished as they are. So far he has managed to confront the demons (both inside and out) and come out victorious if, more often than not, in desperate need of a drink he can’t have.

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