Rules and Gameplay

1. Treat your fellow players with respect at all times.

2. No OOC wank, please. If you have a problem with another player, bring it to the mods. We will handle it.

3. All player characters must be hominid (no animals, although a wide selection of aliens and supernatural beingsare fine).There is no limit to what your pup can do ability-wise, so long as the ability is canon, or was approved of in your OC's application. However, think before you do. Remember that this game is meant to be fun, and abusing your ability for your own benefit is never fun to other players.

4. Resurrection after death is allowed. You may kill your pup and have another player bring them back from the grave. However, you will need mod approval before doing so, and remember, actions always have consequences. There is a chance your pup will come back with a catch attached. You're bargaining with the devil, baby, and he doesn't give away nothing for free.

5. Always ask before killing/injuring another player. Always.

6. Immortal characters are allowed, but no religious figures. Sorry. Angels and other beings will be considered on a case by case basis. (If you aren't sure, ask.)

7. Use common sense. If something seems like it might not be okay, it most likely isn't. Either talk it out with your fellow players, or contact a mod.

8. You must be 18 to play. We allow smut of all kinds (het, slash, whatever), and there will be some graphic violence. No one under the age of 18 will be approved.

9. Characters must be adapted from their canon to fit into the world of the game. (see application)

10. We reserve the right to reject any app at any time.

11. You may not reserve a character to app later. We work on a first come first serve basis.

12. It is alright to god mod NPCs. Both characters from your canon who are not yet in the game but would likely be around, or just simple street vendors and the like. Just be careful how much you god mod canon characters as you don't want to spoil them too much for other people who may be keen on playing them.

13. All posts should be tagged with your pup's full name.

14. You have two weeks from the day your application is accepted to debut your pup. Failure to do so will result in the pup's removal from the communities and a resubmitting of application along with the reason you did not debut your pup.

15. Participation requirements: You must have one thread per month minimum to be considered active. 8 consecutive weeks without a thread will result in automatic purging from the game. These may be in the form of gathering post threads, open EPs, or private threads linked to the community.

16. NSFW (for violence or sexually explicit material) must be done in private journals. If linked to the community, the post must be friends locked.

17. All characters MUST have a human PB. They must have at least one human PB icon (default preferably) and must have the name of the PB listed on their wiki site.

18. As a player you have the ability to create locations outside of the main city. However, should you create a location, you are required to create a wiki page with the following information:

Type of area (city, suburb, jungle, desert, farmland, ect)
Residents (Human or Alien? If an alien please describe the race in detail either from another canon source or your imagination. If human, please describe skin tone, language, ect.)
Hot spots: at least three areas of interest within the location. Bars, hotels, lakes, rivers, ect.

We want you to have as much freedom as possible, but with freedom comes responsibility. Play nice, be courteous, and use your head. I'd hate to see this list grow any longer than it is.

How is the game played? Nearly anyway you like. Characters can comment on one another's journals like a blog, but posts to the community should be done in 'threads', with the character posting an 'ep' in story form describing where they are and what they are doing. Other pups will then reply the post in the comments section and a scene can be played out.

Multiple characters can tag a public EP, each one leaving their own top comment to begin a thread within the ep. Private scenes should be posted to the pups personal journal and later linked to the community in a 'linkdump' post.

19. We now allow OC's, however you must already have at least one non-OC character already in play, and we have set a limit of two OC's per player.

20. While this is a laid back role play, we do expect a certain level of writing here. Here are some examples of how, and how not to play.

BAD example:

Wow, it is really dark tonight. I wonder what everyone is doing?


GOOD example:

It was a dark night in the city, the moon well hidden behind the clouds, causing Logan to blink and squint as he tried to make out the figure that was heading towards him.

"Fuck it's dark tonight," he muttered to himself, squinting again before speaking up. "Hey, Jack? Is that you, man?"

— — —

Third person POV is not required, but recommended.
EP's should be around 400 words long and establish where a player is, what they are doing, and at least a vague idea of date and time.

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