Robin Goodfellow

Name: Robin Goodfellow (aka Rob Fellows)
Player: Violet
Character LJ: that Puck fellow
Original canon: Cal Leandros book series (by Rob Thurman, starts with Nightlife)
Age: older than the human race, but he can't remember more precisely than that
Race: Puck (which is a race, not a person, though they all look the same)

Job: Owns a used car lot (with perhaps the occasional shuttle?), where he goes by the name "Rob Fellows" and somehow manages to take his
customers to the cleaners while making them think they've made off like bandits.

Housing: Robin tends to burn through money with his expensive tastes, but he knows enough ways to get it by now (and yes, he's a very good salesman) that he can maintain a fairly high standard of living. He lives in a condo on the top floor of a building that's not in a great part of town but has easy access to clubs and bars and other places of debauchery.

Physical description: Appears to be in his early thirties, with short, curly, chestnut hair, green eyes, and a wide, used car salesman smile

Abilities: (if any) Longevity, though not immortality. He does have some resistances to things like poison and he doesn't age, but in general, he could die an unnatural death just as anyone else; the fact that he's still alive is more a credit to cunning. He doesn't have any supernatural powers; he's just good at stuff and knows things in a way that comes from thousands of years of experience and practice.


Shakespeare gave Robin Goodfellow a lot of good press, but the Puck of that legend was only one of his incarnations - different cultures, different times,
still all him, a trickster or a fairy or a Pan playing his pipe. Of course, he wasn't the only one; he was one of an entire race of pucks who provided the template for legend. He's managed to outlive most of them though, a credit to long-ingrained selfishness and cunning. In more modern times he's been a little less conspicuous; his personality isn't any less flamboyant but he doesn't go around flaunting that he's not human anymore. And though he does well for himself as a conman, he holds down a lucrative job as a used car salesman too; after all, virgins actually have to be wined and dined these days, and that takes money. With respect to his history, he's forgotten more of the details than he remembers, only because it's been so very long; but suffice it to say that his list of enemies would be incredibly long, if only he could remember them all. Robin tends to make more of an impression on other people than they make on him He's adaptable, though, because he has to be; that's why he's on New Earth at all. Probably one of the very, very few who remember Old Earth… and sometimes he gets very, very homesick.


As someone else once described him, Robin is conceited as a male model, horny as a dog the day before it's neutered, and generally a pain in the ass. Also,
Robin likes to talk. A lot. And his favorite subject is himself. If he ever utters the words "Did I ever tell you about the time…" it is certainly going to be a long story and likely an off-color one. These are the only things that most people ever sees about him, but underneath, perhaps the most defining characteristic of Robin is that he's lonely. With any pucks left few and far between, he's led a solitary existence for a long time, between monsters who hated him for being fond of humans and humans who could never really know him. His near-immortality means that he's watched people come and go as if in the blink of an eye, and is forced to uproot himself just as often. It's a loneliness just a short step away from madness, but he covers it with a silver-tongued confidence that only seems like overcompensation to those that know him well - which at this point is pretty much no one. This is also at least part of the reason why he's so oversexed - fleeting connections, maybe. Though on the other hand, he's just a puck with a lot of love to give, and so many species to give it to (and happy to remind anyone who'll listen that he's hung like a Trojan horse).

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