Rico Shen

Influential Kin City businessman, Rico Shen, isn't always involved in the most legal activities. He's lived in Kin City his entire life, and inherited the business (both sides of it) from his father.

Rico has three children, all daughters. The eldest were both married to men he chose and who were part of his organisation. The youngest (and the smartest) fell in love with the son of a rival. Rather than letting it devolve into a war, Shen used the situation to wrangle as many concessions as he could from his competitor.

A collector of antiquities, Rico has an eye for rare and unique things. There have been rumours of illegal trade in aliens, and many of his acquisitions have been through unusual channels. No one has proved anything, though there are whispers.

Shen is part of Kin City society, for all that many wish that he wasn't. His wealth has bought him a place, and he is said to resent those that look down on him as being lesser.

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