Remy Lebeau

Name: Remy LeBeau (AKA Gambit)
Player: Violet
Canon: X-Men
Character LJ: lebeaudiable
Age: 32

One of Remy's noticeable traits are his red-on-black eyes, which glow as well when he uses his power. He has long, dark hair, usually sports a stubble, and has a bad boy dark and mysterious sort of appeal to his appearance. He speaks with a Cajun accent and likes to wear long coats and dapper hats. If he's not doing anything else with his hands he's probably playing with a deck of cards.

His primary power is that of kinetic absorption - he can take the potential energy stored in an object and convert it to kinetic energy, essentially creating "charged" items that become explosive. Another ability is "hypnotic charm" - he can essentially charge the kinetic energy within a person's brain as well, allowing a subtle influence that can compel others to believe and agree with him. He also has some resistance to telepaths, as well as enhanced agility, which makes him quick and acrobatic. A limitation to his kinetic charging ability is the time it takes to charge an object, but smaller items are easier and quicker, which is why he keeps a deck of playing cards handy. He also has to touch something (skin-to-skin contact) in order to charge it. His hypnotic charm is something he's barely even realized he has, and so he has trouble controlling it - and those with stronger minds can resist it easily.

Abandoned at birth because of his glowing red eyes, Remy was then kidnapped as an infant by the LeBeau clan Thieves Guild, one of the two largest players in organized crime in New Orleans on Old Earth. They believed that he was a child of prophesy, meant to bring the two feuding families together. They put him into the care of a gang of street thieves, where he grew up learning their art. And at the age of ten when he attempted to pick the pocket of Jean-Luc LeBeau, the head of the clan, Jean-Luc took Remy and adopted him to raise him himself in his affluent family. Remy's kinetic charging abilities manifested when he was thirteen, though he didn't tell anyone, afraid of how his adopted family would react, and practiced in secret instead. When he was sixteen and put into a ritual initiation test for the Guild, the person from whom he was stealing caught him using his powers - and then captured him and sold him to a child slave trader who was willing to pay good money for "exceptional" children to be trained as soldiers. He eventually managed to escape, and after that went back to the Thieves Guild, entered into an arranged marriage, and when that went badly (it ended in a duel), he was exiled. He spent years as a professional master thief until he came under the radar of the X-Men, and spent a few more years as something of a hero with them, using his abilities to help people. He also spent some time teaching at Xavier's school, but began to get stir crazy. He couldn't go anywhere without being recognized as part of the X-Men, and so he decided to get away altogether for a while, and hopped a ship to New Earth, where he settled in Kin. He's been here for less than a year, and has alleviated his boredom by going back to his life as a thief - though he seems to have some more highly ingrained morals about the entire endeavor this time.

Remy was raised as a thief and a conman, but the charisma that makes him so good at it is equal parts natural and put-upon when it suits him. He's especially good at talking himself out of trouble. He's laid back in a way that seems to suit his Cajun drawl, and so when his temper sparks at full strength it's all the more surprising. Though he spent a lot of time on the wrong side of the law, his time with the X-Men showed that his heart is usually in the right place and he's never wanted to hurt anyone. He has a good sense of humor, teasing and sometimes off-color. He's charming and flirtatious and confident, and he tells a lot of stories about his exploits, but rarely about anything that really matters. Though Remy will definitely find himself making bad choices on occasion, he will typically end up on the side of the good guys. Of course, he also bores easily.

He lives in a very nice, rent-controlled apartment that was previously occupied by an elderly woman. He conned his way into the place after she went to a retirement home. He hasn't redecorated.

Thief for hire, occasional con man - and for appearances, a martial arts instructor

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