Raven Darkholme

Name: Raven Darkholme (Mystique)
Character LJ: shouldnothaveto
Player: Jess
Original canon: X-Men First Class
Age: 19
Race: human (mutant)
Housing Situation: TBD

Job: thief, vagabond, and occasional grifter, for now

Physical description: (see Jennifer Lawrence.) In her natural form, Raven is blue-skinned, with almost reptilian looking scales and ridges. Her eyes are bright yellow and her hair is orange and slicked back. When she's in her most commonly-used human persona, she's a pretty blonde girl of medium build.

Abilities: Raven can take on the appearance of pretty much anything humanoid, including altering her height and apparent weight, though her body mass does not change. She also ages very slowly. She has some martial arts skills and experience in hand-to-hand fighting. She's also adept at picking locks and evading alarms and traps.

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