Phedre No Delaunay

Name: Phedre no Delaunay
Canon: Kushiel's Legacy
Character LJ: marked rose
Age: 25
Race: Human (D'Angeline)

Physical description: Phedre is striking, though in a more exotic than conventionally beautiful way. She carries herself in a way that makes her seem more attractive than she really is. She has dark hair and eyes, and a curvy figure. There is a red mote in her left eye. A tattoo of a rose covers most of her back.

Job: Phedre works at the Red Room, though she's been there long enough and has a good enough reputation that she can be somewhat picky about her clients. She also does the occasional espionage job, though she's more inclined to work with law enforcement than any sort of criminal element.

When humans began settling on other planets, some smaller colonies of people made their homes on smaller planets, particularly those off the beaten path. Terre d'Ange, named thus by the colonists who were predominantly of French heritage, was one of these, and one of the first. As time passed, it became increasingly isolated, as the society became very unwelcoming to outsiders and limited transportation besides. It eventually became very difficult to either enter or leave the planet.

D'Angelines, as they began to refer to their race, also became heavily entrenched in religious beliefs that sprang up, speaking of a deity named Elua who led their ancestors into the stars and left them with the single precept "love as thou wilt" (perhaps a reason why their race grew in number so quickly). Sexuality and spirituality became very closely entwined, and one of the highest forms of religious service is to be a "Servant of Naamah," basically a form of prostitution heavily steeped in ceremony.

Born on Terre d'Ange, Phedre as a child was adopted by a man who recognized a particular physical characteristic that she bore - a red mote in her left eye. It marked her as something rare even for D'Angelines - an anguisette, meaning that she bore a particular genetic mutation that caused her to experience pain and pleasure as one.

Terre d'Ange was heavily embroiled with messy internal politics, and Phedre's adopted father, Anafiel Delaunay, trained Phedre and her foster brother Alcuin as spies, as well as Servants of Naamah. When Phedre came of age, her time spent in the beds of politically powerful D'Angelines helped her to glean information helpful to Delaunay's politics - but it was also enough to get him killed. The woman who had orchestrated much of this tragedy needed to see to the disposal of Phedre (yet for her own reasons would not see her killed), and so she sold her to a very rare off-worlder, an exceedingly wealthy yet cruel man with a touch of wanderlust. He brought her back to New Earth, where she managed with some difficulty to eventually escape him. She fled across the planet to Kin City.

Phedre was twenty when she arrived in the city, but was immediately taken in by the proprietor of The Red Room. Though at first she saw common prostitution as beneath her, she also recognizes it as a way of remembering her spiritual roots, as well as a means to an end. The other women there see her as a bit odd, but she does seem to be good at what she does. Terre d'Ange is so obscure that little is known about it by outsiders - many hear stories that their religion involves sex, but few know details. Some recognize the tattoo on her back as marking her as D'Angeline, but very few know more than that.

Phedre has to be particularly careful about the clients that she chooses, because being an anguisette, she often attracts sadists. Word gets around that there's a girl at the Red Room who likes pain. But then again, those types of contacts are also useful at times. She has no qualms about using her espionage skills when it suits her, and sometimes serves as an informant.

Phedre is a somewhat hard women, simply because she grew up too fast after the death of her mentor. She tries not to let anyone too close to her, staying closely guarded - especially with the knowledge that someday Anafiel's political enemies may choose to come find her. Honor is important to her - her word, her oath to Naamah, the precepts of Elua - but she is practical as well, and she is skilled at this point in doing what she has to do to survive. She would die for the greater good if it was something she truly believed it, and she would kill for it as well if she had to, particularly to protect the people she loves. In general manner, she is respectful and dignified, though she has a spirited streak that can spark to temper when provoked. She was trained as a spy and it has been ingrained in her not to show the cards in her hand, so it is often not apparent to those not close to her just how much she knows and what she can do. Sometimes she hates what she is - particularly in those times that her body finds pleasure in things her mind abhors - but she has come to accept it and to take all the advantage she can from it.

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