Penelope Garcia

Name: Penelope Garcia
Canon: Criminal Minds
Character LJ: techsavviest
Age: 33

Physical Description: Garcia is blonde, though her hair often contains streaks of other colors, most commonly pink. Despite her last name, she isn't Hispanic. She always wears glasses though they differ in appearance, often bright colors. She is voluptuous - overweight but well proportioned. She dresses in quirky, off-beat clothing, dresses and skirts in bright colors and rarely pants.

When Garcia was eighteen years old, her mother and stepfather were killed by a drunk driver. After less than a year studying computer science at Caltech, she dropped out but continued to teach herself to code. She had an incredible knack for it, as well as a rebellious streak, and became very well known in hacker circles - enough to catch the attention of the FBI. They put her on a watch list, and when they determined that she would be more useful with them than against them, recruited her for a job. She specifically sought out the Behavioral Analysis Unit, since after her parents' death she had volunteered counseling murder victims. She works for the BAU as a technical analyst, where she's shown an impressive talent for gathering and
analyzing large amounts of computer data. For the most part she works out of the main offices in Kin City, not traveling much with the team, sticking behind her desk that she decorates with cheerful knick-knacks in an attempt to distract herself from some of the horror that she has to witness on her computer screens on a daily basis. She occasionally gets busted for playing online games at work. Other hobbies include knitting, reading comic books, and cooking.

Garcia is playful and witty, always trying to insert some sunshine and levity into a workplace that could become dour very quickly. Though some of this is a front, a shield, because unlike many other members of the team she's not very good at hiding her emotions - when the job really gets to her, it's not unheard of for her to break down crying. She's relieved to be where she is, in her office, and not at the crime scenes. She can get away with being more irreverent at work as well,
providing some much-needed comic relief to the team at times. She's also flirtatious, and sometimes seems more confident than she really is - though she has absolute confidence when she's behind a computer, this doesn't always extend to her personal life. She does date, but infrequently, and isn't accustomed to being hit on. Though she's happy with herself and the way she looks, she does know that she's not the male ideal of beauty, and can at times be insecure, something that just makes her overcompensate with more humor. She's a loyal friend and is very close to some of her co-workers, especially Morgan and JJ.

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