Owen Harper NPC

Name: Dr. Owen Harper
Player: NPC
Journal: killjoy_npc may be used
Original Canon: Torchwood
Age: 27
Race: Human

Job: Medic and resident psychologist at Torchwood Kin City

Housing: Unknown

Physical Description: Owen Harper is approximately five foot ten inches tall and has dark brown eyes and hair. He has an almost permanently annoyed expression on his face and generally when he smiles, it's sarcastic. Owen is judging you constantly, make no mistake about it. He is often seen in a leather coat, t-shirt, and a pair of artfully worn jeans. His labcoat, when he's working of course, has a good half dozen badges on it including one that says 'die please'. He does not, however, have a badge that says 'king of the weevils' apparently they don't sell that one at the shop.

Abilities: Genius, knows it.


He's passionate, devoted (in his own way), and fearless. Prone to bouts of intense emotion, Owen often acts without thinking about the consequences of his actions. "I'm sorry," isn't in his vocabulary because he's used to being right just by virtue of being him. He doesn't react well to things that are beyond his control like falling in love or ending up on some strange future city. He starts to feel desperate, backed into a corner almost, and does anything to pull himself out of the trouble he's in including risking his life and the lives of countless others. As self-centered as he is, he likes to keep his secrets secret. His communication skills on a personal level leave something to be desired, but when it comes to his professional duty there's not much that Owen won't tell you. With Owen, it's often difficult to distinguish between what's real and what he wants you to see. He's learned to manipulate with the best of them, a skill that he probably learned because he had to and as slowly evolved into something some sick and twisted part of him actually enjoys doing.


There are two parts to Owen's life. The part when he was a live and the part when he was dead. No, let's rewrite that. There are three parts to Owen's life. The part where he was alive, then when he died, and then when he was alive again, mysteriously.

Owen was born. It was pretty uneventful actually, Owen's childhood was nothing special, nothing worth remembering. He lost his virginity in a cupboard at school when he was 15 and didn't stop since. No, that's wrong. He paused for a little bit, after medical school, after he met Katie. Owen became a doctor because his dad died. Did you know that? His father had an anyeurism when he was a boy and well, Owen was left with a mother who didn't want him, a mother who called him stupid and treated him like a pest. Owen decided to show her. He decided to show them all. He was going to be brilliant and he was going to stop people from dying because nobody else deserved the sort of life Owen had. The sort of life that Owen doesn't want to remember.

So he became a doctor. And Owen thought. He thought that maybe…maybe if he could save enough lives, his might be worth something.

And then? Then Katie got sick. She started forgetting and for the longest time, nobody could figure out why. But Owen was persistent, because Owen was in love and he didn't want to lose, not again. So he kept on pressing and asking for more tests and insisting that somebody had to be able to figure this out. One day, when they were losing hope in the midst of planning their wedding, they did yet another test, another scan and found something, found a spot on her brain. Katie went into surgery. And Katie, Katie died. And so did everyone in the room, actually. Because that disease Owen thought she had was apparently an alien parasite and it let out noxious fumes before dying itself. He found that out from Jack. He didn't know he was Jack at the time and everyone thought Owen was utterly mad because there was no evidence of Jack having been there, no evidence of the doctors on staff having died, nothing but a failed surgery. Owen was alone again. Only Owen was ever himself and Owen didn't stop looking, didn't stop trying to puzzle it out.

One day, at the cemetery, Jack found him. Owen punched him across the face.

And that was how Owen Harper came to work for Torchwood Three.

Owen drank after Katie died. He drowned his sorrows in liquor, enough to keep him functioning. Then Jack yelled at him for that and threatened to fire him, and well, what was Owen going to do with that? He wasn't going to go back to a normal life after seeing aliens and trying to make a difference globally. So he turned to sex, which was a lot easier. There were so many. Male. Female. Owen didn't care. He liked torturing people in happy relationships because he wasn't happy himself. If Owen was suffering, everyone should suffer.

Time went on. Torchwood went on. There was Diane, who taught Owen how to love again, even if it was accidentally. But he lost her too and soon after that, nearly lost himself in the process via attempted suicide by weevil. He got better. He got better because there was a chance to get Diane back, a chance to save her under the pretense of saving Jack and Tosh. So he set the rift manipulator to working, getting shot by Ianto in the process and accidentally unleashed a whole world of trouble on Cardiff and the world.

But Jack forgave him when Owen turned on him. Jack forgave him with a kiss on the forehead and a firm hand to the back of his head, holding him close for a moment before he moved on. But then Jack was gone too. Disappeared without a trace. After the whole mutiny thing, Gwen and Ianto didn't trust Owen to be in charge even though he was second in command still, so Gwen took charge. Owen was not pleased by this. He followed Jack. Not some gap-toothed welsh-woman who thought she knew everything just because she was, well…you get the picture. Thing was, Jack came back. And Jack may not have come back for him in particular, but he came back and nobody, not once in all of Owen's life, nobody had ever come back.

So he continued to follow, to be what he had to be.

There was an op. A mission, if you will, but Owen likes op better. Parasites, of course, were involved. Parasites, a doctor Owen admired when he was in medical school, and another doctor that Owen was beginning to actually like and not see as a replacement. But things went wrong as they often do in that line of work, and Owen found himself reasoning with the man he admired as a student to put down the gun. Except he didn't put down the gun and Owen didn't think he would shoot. He did. And that was how Owen died.

He came back.

Or rather Jack brought him back. Ostensibly, he brought him back for some codes, but Owen always wanted to think that he brought him back because he was necessary, because he was team. It wasn't the same though. There was something coming back through with Owen, half possessing him and relegating him to the not so coveted position of Tea Boy while Martha Jones played doctor. They figured it out, of course and before all was said and done, Owen battled death itself.

And then Owen stayed dead. But he stayed alive at the same time. He was, for all intents and purposes, a zombie without the feasting on human brains bit.

This clearly didn't sit well with the doctor, who couldn't eat, drink, or fuck anymore. He couldn't breathe, couldn't feel, couldn't anything. All he could do was be brilliant and Owen wallowed. He wallowed for a long time, wishing that he could do something other than live this half-life.

And then John Hart came back.

John ruined everything.

He blew up a good portion of the city and Owen soon found himself in a nuclear reactor chamber, locked in waiting for a flood of irradiated coolant. Tosh was with him, over the comms, crying and in pain. Owen didn't know why she was in pain beyond the injury she'd suffered earlier, but she was in pain regardless. He listened to her until the comms went dead. And then the flood came and everything was bright. Not like heaven bright, but toxic chemicals bright.

Owen closed his eyes and finally, finally stopped fighting and surrendered to whatever his fate may be.

There's a funny thing about rifts and nuclear radiation. They don't always have the result one might expect. And shortly after being utterly submerged in the stuff, Owen opens his eyes to find himself standing on a bridge in an entirely unfamiliar city.

And he's alive.

Not only is Owen alive, but since Owen already beat death in single combat, he can't die. There is a catch though, there always is, and in order to keep from becoming death himself, Owen has to be very diligent about certain aspects of his life.

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