Neal Caffrey

Name: Neal Caffrey
Character LJ: tocatchacon
Original canon: White Collar (TV series)
Age: 30
Race: human
Physical description: black hair, bright blue eyes, slim build, devastatingly handsome with impeccable style.
Abilities: (if any) Good looks and charm. Also, forgery, thievery, and a generally criminal mind. He's also an incredibly artist, is more than just good with numbers, and can act with the best of them.

The only child of a single mother, Neal's father died when he was two. His mother told him that his father died a hero. It wasn't until much later that he found out that his dad was no hero, but a dirty cop.

He never graduated high school. What was the point? He was destined to end up in jail anyway. He left home as soon as he turned eighteen and never looked back.

He turned to crime as a way to survive. He needed money, and there were ways to get that money with a few words and a smile. But surviving wasn't very much fun, and after awhile, small cons turned into bigger cons, and then even bigger cons. If he was going to go to jail, he might as well enjoy the ride.

After a few years traveling to the major cities, Neal Caffrey arrived in Kin 8 years ago to cash in forged Atlantic International bonds.

He wasn't long in the city when he was approached by another con man named Mozzie, who he met doing "Find the Lady" street cons in the park. Mozzie approached him about doing a long con on Vincent Adler, a hedge fund manager. All they needed was an account number and a password. Mozzie believed the con would last five months. Neal agreed, adopting the identity of Nicolas Halden, a trust fund baby with more money than sense, and sold off his remaining Atlantic International bonds to finance the con.

He went to a benefit to approach Adler for the first time and managed to impress him with his knowledge of Adler's business practices and rivals. He was not as successful impressing Kate Moreau, Adler's young, beautiful, and flighty personal assistant. Despite her initial misgivings, he ingratiated himself in Adler's inner circle, basically working as Adler's bloodhound, making it his business to know everything about everyone in Adler's circle, and began wooing Kate—who was dating another man.

Through his work with Adler, he met Alex Hunter, a beautiful grifter with a personal vendetta against Adler, though it was unknown at the time just what that vendetta was. All Neal knew was that Alex had hacked her way into Adler's personal accounts, and he'd captialized on her interest, arranging a meeting with her and Adler under the guise of a job interview. Adler confronted Alex instead, and warned her of the dangers of her actions. Likely due to Neal's presence, he didn't kill her, but instead let her go with a warning.

Alex went quietly, but later approached Neal, inviting him for a drink. Intrigued by her boldness, Neal went with her, and the two ended up in bed. In the afterglow, she confronted Neal about his identity, seeing through his guise as Nicolas Halden and confessing that she too was a grifter. She then told Neal about a music box rumored to have belonged to Catherine the Great, and made him an offer—if he agreed to help her to steal it, she agreed to split the take. It wasn't just the prospect of money that enticed Neal to say yes, and when Alex left, it was with a promise to send him a message when she found the box.

Shortly after Alex left, Kate left her boyfriend and became Neal's life. For a brief period, Neal felt like he had it all. He had the woman he loved loving him, all the money he could want, and he was eating the best food, wearing the best suits, drinking the best wine….

Every con has an expiration date.

When the FBI began circulating a sketch of Neal under his own name, accusing him of bond forgery, Neal finally made his move to ask Adler for his password, and Adler gave it to him. This was it. The moment he had been waiting for. All he needed now was to give the password to Mozzie and then the con would be over. But that was the problem. The con would be over, and when Kate found out who he really was, that would be over too. He chose Kate over Mozzie, and not for the last time. The next week, Adler disappeared, taking all of his investors' money with him, including Neal's, and destroying the lives of everyone around him. He and Kate were left penniless, jobless, and hopeless.

With nothing left to lose, Neal told Kate who he really was, and promised to take care of her. He taught her everything he knew about surviving as a criminal, and together they began running cons with Mozzie. They made enough to survive, but Neal hated that he couldn't provide for Kate the lifestyle she'd had before, the lifestyle she'd hadn't realized she'd abandoned when she'd chosen him over her boyfriend.

When Alex sent Neal an origami flower—her signal that she'd found the box, and he should go to Copenhagen, he tried to convince Kate to go with him, but she refused. Though he knew that it would jeopardize his relationship with Kate, the prospect of finally having enough money to take care of Kate was too tempting. He also wouldn't break his promise to Alex, and went to Copenhagen to try to steal the music box. They failed, and when Neal returned to Kin, Kate was gone.

For the past three years Neal has been running con after con, sometimes with Mozzie, sometimes with other people. Through it all he's been looking for Kate, and hoping that one day they'll be together again.

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