Molly Carpenter

Name: Margaret Katherine Amanda Carpenter (Molly)
Player: Violet
Character LJ: padawan_molly
Original canon: The Dresden Files book series
Age: 19

Physical description: Molly is tall and blond and built like a brick house. She might look like a model if it weren't for her less
traditional adornments - multiple piercings, including a nose ring, an eyebrow ring, a lip ring, a tongue ring, and barbells through her nipples, along with a few tattoos - a snake slithering from her neck down her side, a tribal design on her neckline, stylized spiral on the back of her right hand and arm, and a phoenix on her left bicep. Her hair changes with some frequency thanks to dye, but it is most commonly streaked multiple colors.

Abilities: Molly is a wizard, and though she's still only learning, she can perform basic magic. And there are some things she's better at than others - like veils. She also has a talent for mind manipulation but she doesn't do that anymore on account of not wanting to be beheaded. She's also a "sensitive", which means she can work sensitive magic - but also that she's very sensitive to magic being used around her, which can make her useless in a fight sometimes.


Molly grew up in a large family, with six brothers and sisters. Her father Michael is a Knight of the Cross, a warrior of God. And though she was unaware growing up, her mother Charity had magical talent that she suppressed. When Molly began to exhibit her powers, her mother trying to force her not to explore her abilities caused a rift between
them (exacerbating her already rebellious nature), and she moved out when she was 17. With no one to guide her, she was unaware of the laws of magic (enforced by the White Council of wizards), and managed to break one of them while thinking that she was doing good - she manipulated the minds of her friends to get them to stop killing themselves with drugs. But her actions had serious consequences, and after she was used as a conduit by the Winter Queen of Faerie to call spirits who feed on fear into Kin City, her mother and Harry Dresden (a long-time friend of her father) had to rescue her from the Queen. She then had to face the wrath of the White Council, who would have executed her if it were not for Harry's intervention. He vouched for her, and if she ever breaks one of the laws of magic again, he will share her death sentence. But now she is his apprentice, learning magic and managing to keep rebelling in her own way.


Molly's defining character trait is that she's stubborn, something that she seems to have inherited from her mother. This can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the context. It was a big part of what caused the rift with her mother, for one, and for a while she fit really well into the "rebellious teenager" mold, which explains in part the tattoos and piercings. She's mellowed a little in the past couple of years, but the same kind of attitude is what makes her push back against Harry and try to convince him she's ready for more responsibility - and more danger. She constantly tries to get more into the middle of things, even when he tries to keep her on the sidelines. But she has the same sort of drive to help people that her parents do - which, ironically, is what led her to black magic in the first place. And now, trying to resist those impulses, the itch she has for more power she knows she could have, is a constant struggle for her. In terms of her day-to-day personality, she's friendly and kind of cheerful, which seems at odds with her appearance at times. She's very aware of her own sexuality and is open about it but doesn't use it as a weapon. And she does have moments of immaturity that come from being a teenager, but for the most part she's grown up a hell out of a lot faster than most her age.

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