Name: Merlin, Emrys, the Immortal
Primary Aliases: Kieran Dwyer, Orrick Brent, and Maya Odile
Player: D
Journal: youretoolate
Original Canon: Merlin (bbc)
Age: Ancient/Immortal/Unknown (looks 20-25 in his original form, aliases aged 20-35)
Race: Human (in a broad sense), Creature of Magic - Sorcerer+Dragonlord

Job: Owns (and, when he feels like it, runs) a real estate and mixed asset investment firm, not among the most "popular" or well known, but one of the wealthiest and the choice among discerning high-net-worth clientele.  He himself owns more than anyone could imagine … which unfortunately doesn't make it any less boring.  Not usually, anyway.

Housing: Penthouse downtown, country retreat/house well outside the city.

Physical Description: In his original form, Merlin is 6' tall, quite slim, and very pale with off-black hair, an inch or two longer then he used to wear it in ancient times.  He has the most remarkable blue eyes that hold flecks of gold at times, washing fully golden and glowing when he does major magic.  No matter who he's transformed himself into, the eyes never really change, though he's learned to mask their glow as needed when he's already not wholly himself.


Typically, his aliases are as dark and bitter and smug as he comes across in his original form these days, but they are distinct.  Kieran Dwyer is a beautiful man with the sexiest smirk, rugged and dangerous and as trim or thick with muscles as Merlin wishes him to be.  He's a perfect enforcer and heckler, a mask for playtime.  Orrick Brent is sophisticated, monied, and powerful in bearing without being either physically intimidating or especially verbally rough.  He's a mature modern sorcerer, all the more frightening because presumed sociopaths really shouldn't be allowed that much power.


Maya Odile, however, is none of those things.  She is ethereally beautiful, young, and startlingly innocent, even if her eyes do seem a bit too attentive.  She is a fly on any wall and she is bait for traps a great many fall for.  She is also the nearest most still living have been to seeing Merlin's true form, because she is just him, softened, feminine, and as outwardly pure as he once was on the inside.


Abilities: His skill and power with magic grew well enough during the life he lived in Camelot countless years before, but the span of time between them, has seen them grow a hundredfold or more.  Whatever the gods were incubating him for, whatever Arthur would need to accomplish in his next life, it seemed impossible to Merlin to imagine that he could not supply it.  He is now only constrained by the laws of his magic itself, of which, he has learned, there are remarkably few - human death for human life, matter for matter, and knowledge may be removed (forgotten) or fabricated (false memories) but not truly acquired by his magic alone.

As for his shapeshifting, it is not all-encompassing (he must remain human-looking), but it is not an illusion but rather a physical change, making him physically stronger or weaker (for example) in different forms.  It began early in his learning of spells with aging himself for emergencies and then it became something he did regularly to mask his apparent immortality.  Over the years, it has shifted from something spell and potion based, to just a spell, to nothing at all but his will.  He rarely uses this ability to mimic others, though he can.  More often than not, his aliases, even if only useful for a moment, are more like original art than copies of anyone.  Someone may inspire him, but he always has his own take on things.  Clothes do not inherently shift when his face and body do, but they can, though by a slightly different, if concurrently accessed, mechanism of his magic.

History and Personality

Merlin only realized something had changed in him when it had been too long and he had not seemed to age past his 24th or 25th year.  The scribes of old had said no mortals had survived the touch of a Dorocha, but he'd survived.  It dawned on him eventually why that might be, that whether it had always been that way or the Dorocha had triggered something in him, his magic at the fore, he was immortal.  Now matured, he would not age or fade unless he wished it.  He would not die naturally but would, like the Fisher King and Nimueh herself, likely meet his end with immense magic or not at all.  From then on, he aged himself, altering his appearance with magic as the king grew older and Camelot prospered.

When Mordred finally exacted his revenge and Arthur was mortally wounded, Merlin looked like an old man, sending his dearest friend into the realm of Avalon until he and his Great Sword were needed once again.  He pledged to be there when Arthur returned if the gods permitted.  The gods, or whatever powers there were, in fact, did not merely permit, but demanded it, as it turned out, and Merlin lived on and on, even when he didn't always want to.  Even when he tried to end it.

He lived to see the Earth's inhabitants spread into space and colonize new worlds, new galaxies.  And still his king, his friend and more, did not return.  He grew in his craft exponentially and adjusted to every new era as best he could, waiting and being disappointed and waiting and being numb and waiting and being angry and waiting and … losing faith almost entirely.  It became ever easier for him to change his appearance over the years until he no longer needed a spell or any materials, but only the will to change, an outgrowth of his inborn magic.  His original form remains a sort of default, but a private one more often than not.  It's the one he keeps anonymous, the man behind the mask that no one knows is just a mask.

Having a mask is helpful when you're not exactly a gentleman, though, so it almost never bothers him.  The years have not been kind to him, really, not for a very long time, even if wealth and comfort are never a concern.  So he stopped being kind back.  Somewhere deep in him he knows that he has become very like some of the people he used to hate, but he doesn't really care.  He likes doing his part to fuck with the universe and all the scurrying people in it, especially people who are beautiful or happy or successful or in love.  An ex of his said he was a sadist, specializing in the mind as much as the body.  It made his day.

Of course, he's not *truly* evil, because he doesn't *really* want to have to deal with all the messy consequences since the cost-benefit analysis of evil usually sucks.  But, he has zero problem being a complete dick without provocation and may well engage in low-risk opportunistic acts of malevolence on top of general exploitation of his gifts and anyone unfortunate enough to become involved with him.  Sometimes, he secretly laments that he's still Too Good, even if he believes that he'll never again be the man he was when Arthur left.  He tells himself that he doesn't want to be that man, that it doesn't matter because Arthur's never coming back and no one else is deserving of what he could give.  And yet, he still aches inside and hates the ache.  It's like he tied a knot around his heart for every year they've been apart.  It's not a heart anymore.  It's just a bloody knotted mess that even he can't untangle.

He's afraid that even if Arthur ever did return, he'd be too late, too late to save either of them.

The Road Ahead:

Merlin is not looking for Arthur.  He'd tried that, more times than most have months of life.  Arthur isn't coming, as far as he's concerned, and Merlin is both over it and never likely to get over it.  So when Arthur is just *there*, everything in Merlin becomes a riot of emotion.  Fiercely negative, nostalgic, and resistant, whatever happens, Merlin isn't going to let it be pretty for a good long while.  Reunions are just places people go to feel better than everyone else … or far, far worse.

In Kin City


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