Player: Marissa
Character LJ: His words
Age: 19
PB: Alex Pettyfer
Race: Human
Physical description:
He skin is pale and he is thin, with a graceful dancer like build, though not quite as muscular. He is 5' 7". He wears a lot of leather and will not be seen without a rosary that he wears on his neck. His hair is a light blonde and his eyes are a bluish green.

Background and Personality:
Mihael (nicknamed Mello) was raised in Wammy's House, an orphanage for gifted children. The true aim of the institution was to find a replacement for L, the world's greatest detective, should anyone succeed in killing the man. Mello, along with a younger boy named Near, was chosen as a possible successor to L. Shortly before his fifteenth birthday L is killed by a serial killer known as 'Kira' who specializes in killing criminals. Even though it is suggested that he work with Near he refuses deciding to leave the institution to go after L's murderer himself. He goes to LA with the intention of finding powerful allies who hate Kira as much as he does. Very quickly, by getting rid of a rival boss not even Kira could kill, he proves himself and moves up the ranks until he is second in command. It is at this point he discovers the truth of how Kira kills using an item called a 'Death Note' and sets out to obtain it in his obsession to prove he is better than Near, and more worthy to hold the title of 'L'. The Japanese police force have the item in custody and so In order to get his hands on it he kidnaps Sayu Yagami and arranges a trade. What he does not know is that she is the younger sister of Light Yagami, who is in truth Kira. When he gets his hands on the book he kills most of the people working for Near to prove that he was more capable and to show he could get to the younger boy. Of course, Light is determined to get the book back and begins working on his own plan, using information Mello doesn't know about the Death Note, that will end up in the destruction of the syndicate Mello is working with.


He is somewhat of a contradiction. One one hand he is highly religious, compassionate, selfless, creative, passionate, and focused. But he is also hot-headed, holds onto grudges easily, has a capacity for cruelty and is highly emotional with the strength of his emotions often clouding his judgement. He can move past the inferiority complex that his competition with Near has created within him, at least at this point. While he does seem to care for the greater good he seems to believe that 'the ends justify the means' and so isn't above using others to accomplish what he wants . He is also known for his elaborate plans that use unconventional methods to throw off those who are working against him. He seeks Kira not because of any sense of justice but because he wants to prove he is better than Near and doesn't care if anyone gets in his way of proving that. If there is some sense of grief and vengeance in his pursuit he has pushed it so far down even he doesn't see it.

He doesn't like it when other underestimate him, but he will use it if necessary. He doesn't mind giving an appearance of false helplessness if it suites him.

Mello and Sex:
Some of this is made up of my assumptions I will admit, but I think there is canon evidence for it. When Mello left Winchester to go to LA he had no money, couldn't reveal his true identity so he did what he needed to survive. He does not bother to hide it and in fact uses it to see if people will underestimate him because of it. He is quite comfortable with his body, and his looks, and his clothes are one way he puts himself on display.

He has slept with men and women and will likely look for similar work. If for no other reason than he knows people who have power are likely to be easy to meet, and manipulate, in those circumstances.

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