Markus Volman

Name: Markus Volman
Age: 32
Race: Human
Canon: Original charactor
PB: Rupert Penry-Jones

Physical description: Just over six foot tall, muscular, blonde, fair skin, light blue eyes. He has an intense look to him, but a deceptively friendly face.

Job: detective on the Kin City Vice Squad

Background: Born and raised in New England, Markus moved to Kin with his mother Abigail when he was fourteen to get away from his father, a drugs runner who had recently been imprisoned. Abigail brought her son to Kin in hopes that she could keep him away from the life his father had chosen, and to help her son start a new life where no one knew about his family and his father’s legal troubles.

Markus was a mediocre student, intelligent but never really applying himself to anything. He took a gap year after high school, and then enrolled in the academy. Police work turned out to be his calling in life, and after only a few short years as a beat cop, and another working traffic, Markus was quickly promoted to vice.

Things were going well, until his father’s past finally started to catch up with him. While on a bust, Markus discovered that the men his father had been working for were now in kin- and they expected him to pay his father’s debts.

At first he worked with them to keep his mother safe and his past a secret- but it wasn’t long before he was taking backhanders and playing both sides.

Personality: For all his faults, Markus isn’t a bad person, despite the dangerous game he plays with local dealers and smugglers, he does still want to do right on some level- he's simply in so deep now that he doesn’t see a way out.

His lifestyle has turned him into a dangerous man, and while there is some kindness and humanity there, he is still just as likely to kick a man while he’s down, as he is to offer him a hand up. He’s at a place in his life where he could go either way. He could come clean and reform his life, or he could go completely dark and lose everything that ever made him a good person.

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