Logan Echolls

Name: Logan Echolls
Original canon: Veronica Mars
Age: 17 (nearly 18)
Race: Human
PB: Jason Dohring
Physical description: Logan is about six foot tall, lean with light brown hair with sun-kissed highlights. He's tan, and though he's somewhat lanky, he's fairly well toned. If your character has a keen eye, they might notice small circular spots of discolored skin on his arms from old cigarette burns, and should you ever manage to get him undressed there are long thin scars that run up and down his back. Some are older than others, all are healed now, but some are still a little red.

Abilities: None

About: Logan is the son of Actor Aaron Echolls who was recently on trial for murder (and found innocent). His mother, Lynn, killed herself just over a year ago, and his sister lives off world on one of the few Leisure planets in the system.

Logan has been both emotionally and physically abused by his father since he was very young, and as a result he can be hard to get close to. On the outside Logan appears cocky and self assured, but the truth is, he’s really nothing more than a scared little boy. He’s quick to anger and slow to trust. He can come off as cold and uncaring, and though he’s flirtatious, there are a lot of self esteem issues lurking beneath that smile.

Logan is not very friendly, but though you likely know his face from tabloids and TV, thanks to his past, he isn’t exactly the spoiled brat the press would have you believe.

Things that have happened so far…
Logan was killed in a random mugging and found by Jack Harkness, a man he had been spending time with. Not ready to deal with the loss, Jack used alien tech to bring the younger man back to life. Of course, actions like these always have a consequences- Now Logan is semi immortal. While he can survive most things, decapitation and fire will kill him for good. Also each resurrection is more painful than the last.

The technology came from an ancient alien race who used it to keep slaves alive and serving them long after they passed on into the next life. Either vampire blood mixed with the slaves' masters' blood or a mix of crushed herbs were required to keep the servants alive originally (each offering a different result in behavior and obedience), but another race soon adapted the technology for their own use, creating a stone that could be swallowed once to keep the 'slave' alive. This stone prevented any change in behavior, but instead added the catch that whoever swallowed the stone would have to stay near to the person who fed it to them.

Separation for longer than 48 hours would result in death.

Logan and Jack recently found one of these stones.

Logan sold his father's home and is now living with Jack upstairs at the Torchwood headquarters. He is part of Jack's team, and also attending Kin City University.

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