Name: Kersen
Canon: Original Character
Character LJ: dragvamp
Age: ~ 300
Race: Vampire. Effectively immortal, unless killed by sunlight (burns), wooden stake to the heart (instant ashes), holy water (burns), or decapitation (instant ashes). Must drink blood to survive- must come from a human or human-like species (no animals), does not have to be drunk from someone (i.e., donated blood works), and can't eat regular food, but can drink alcohol. Best to stay indoors completely sealed to sunlight during the day, but can withstand very small amounts of sunlight if necessary. Supernatural strength and speed, but no glamour or other mental abilities.

Physical description: Kersen is of mixed Asian descent. He has caramel-colored skin, dark eyes, and (out of drag) short dark hair. He is tall and slender, with a toned but not muscled body. With high cheekbones and narrow features, out of drag, he is a handsome man. In drag, he is a striking woman. And in drag he tends to look very different from night to night, as he has accumulated a wide variety of wigs and costumes over the years, and is a talented makeup artist. He has a number of tattoos, the most visible being on both arms, and he rarely covers them up with makeup, even when in drag. They are for the most part Asian and zen symbols and characters. There is no outward indication of his vampirism except for the fangs that extract only when he is about to bite (so either involuntarily or if he gets a bit too excitable).

Job: Kersen owns a piano bar in Kin City, called Jazzmin. It is well known within supernatural circles as being a safe place to go and frequented by members of the magical community. Humans can go there as well, but after "official" closing time at 11pm, it is only open to those in the supernatural know - at which point they can be more open without worries of humans seeing or overhearing. Anyone with vampire-edible blood can pay their bar tab by making a blood donation. Kersen has a room set up in the back and one of the bartenders is also a registered nurse. Customers can also order blood to drink, served in wine glasses. (It can be ordered at any time, under the assumption that humans nearby will just assume it's red wine as long as they don't get too close.) Kersen sings and plays the piano with some regularity himself, usually in drag, though occasionally other musicians do as well. He also has a karaoke night, which he finds highly amusing.

Kersen was born roughly 300 years ago (he's lost track of his exact age at this point) in an area on this planet colonized primarily by those of Asian descent, though the races have become hopelessly mixed. As a result, the culture was an amalgam of many different Asian cultures, and he grew up with a number of Japanese, Indian, and Chinese customs (including the Indonesian custom of not having a surname). He knew from an early age that he was different, being artistic in an obviously feminine way, and was able to recognize fairly quickly as well that he was gay. Within his culture at the time this was not an acceptable lifestyle choice, and when he told his family they disowned him. At the age of sixteen, he left for the closest large city.

With no money, no place to live, and no friends, and being a beautiful boy with little life experience, it probably isn't surprising that he fell in with something bad for him - a much older man who took advantage, manipulated Kersen into loving and depending on him, and then encouraged him into prostitution. As far as how bad that life could have been, Kersen was treated very well, and it was only a couple of years later when he tried to get himself out that he ran into problems. The man he was working for did not want to let him go and so he had to forcibly escape, forcing him to flee to another city without money once again. But by then almost nineteen with more street smarts and a better idea of how the world works, he was able to find a real job - working as a seamstress in an Asian section of town. It was at this point in his life that he first met a man who dressed as a woman. Kersen fell hopelessly in love with him, but he simply wasn't interested in someone so young - but took Kersen under his wing anyway. Kersen began to sew dresses for himself on the sly during his work days, and eventually was brave enough to dress in drag himself. And realized that he suddenly felt right for the first time in his life.

A few more years passed in this way, with Kersen pulling from piano lessons as a child and improving his singing voice as well, and beginning to perform with his older mentor. And eventually he met another man - a very, very beautiful man who said he saw something very special in Kersen. And he told him that he had a way that he could stay young and beautiful forever. Be even more beautiful, in fact. And never see a single line to marr the feminine beauty of his face. And when Kersen agreed, the man turned him into a vampire.

Kersen hadn't completely understood what he'd been asking, but what's done was done. It was true, at least, that the change seemed to bring out his beauty even more. And for a time at least, he was hopelessly in love with his maker, and thought they would be together forever - but the vampire was fickle, and eventually left him for someone else. Kersen took that opportunity to get out of the city, and after that, traveled for a long time, seeing much of the world and learning all that he could, figuring he had a lot of time.

Things were much the same for hundreds of years. Kersen traveled and performed and reinvented himself more times than he could count. At at least one point in his life he was a rather famous female singer. More recently he has settled down somewhat in Kin City, having been here for nearly a decade (which is a long time in one place for him). He owns a piano bar, and occasionally performs in other places as well. His bar is particularly well known in the supernatural community.

As a general rule, he doesn't drink from humans, though he will occasionally drink from other supernatural creatures that have vampire-edible blood - though only volunteers, and only during sex when he gets a bit worked up, because as soon as he starts to think about it he gets extremely grossed out by the whole thing. For the most part, Kersen's diet consists of bottled blood from blood banks or from those who feel like paying their bar tab in donations.

Unlike many drag queens, Kersen does not play a character, which is why he only goes by one name whether he is performing or not. He is himself whether he is dressed as a man or a woman, and is simply androgynous in all parts of his life. He is very obviously gay, being effeminate for a man in a way that translates well into dressing as a woman. He's also very outgoing, having a smile (and a song, if appropriate) for pretty much everyone, and tends to attract people to him like honey. There is something joyful about him, something that has come from being comfortable in his own skin for a very long time now, and having studied various zen-based religions in his travels.

Though Kersen is well known in the supernatural community, he sticks out like a sore thumb among other vampires. He's never met another vampire that has studied Buddhism, at least, nor one that dresses like a woman on a regular basis. This has made him some enemies in some circles, though mostly it's just caused him to be rather infamous (which also makes him unpopular in some circles).

Kersen is a drag queen but not transgender - there is a sharp distinction for him between identifying with the aesthetic of a woman and the sexuality of a woman. He is very much a gay man, even when dressed as a woman. He will occasionally roleplay as a woman for fun in bed, and he has had dalliances with straight men - but typically not both at the same time. He wants those he's with to be very clear that they're with a biological man and not a woman. But for him, the lines between those two things outside of genitalia are very blurred.

Kersen is flirtatious, and very open with his sexuality though not necessarily overtly promiscuous. He finds sex to be a joyful act, and so when his hunger as a vampire comes into it (as happens with some frequency), it tends to unsettle him a little. Actually, his hunger in general unsettles him, but it's something that he's learned to deal with after so long. After all this time he's grateful for the gift because he's still alive, and he's young and beautiful, and he's seen so many things - but deep down he does have some conflict about where his kind fits into the material of the universe. He is entirely pacifist by nature, and for a vampire, has killed very, very few people, and will avoid it at all costs. This is also why he smokes - he has some feeling that it takes the edge off of his hunger, even though he's pretty sure it's irrational.

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