Kate Bishop (NPC)

Name: Katherine (Kate) Elizabeth Bishop
Player: Hannah
Character LJ: Bishop's Hawk
PB: Audrey Tautou
Race: Human
Age: 21
Job: Kate is a student that's just transferred into Kin City University. She's double-majoring in buisness economics and urban planning. At this point, she is the equivalent of a junior at the university, having taken a year off between leaving her last college and getting admitted to the university.


Abilities: Thanks to years and years of training, combined with the experience of working with the Young Avengers, Kate is a highly skilled fighter. She has extensive training in in a number of fighting disciplines, including; fencing, sword fighting (broadsword as well as twin swords), jujitsu, and boxing. Archery, however, is her most refined skill, and she puts this to great use as Hawkeye. She always aims to incapacitate, rather than kill, and is skilled enough to make that possible. Kate rarely misses, and a strike rarely lands a anywhere but where she meant it to.

However, because of a lack of super-human powers, Kate has very human limits. If she gets hurt, she stays hurt (unless she can get Billy/Wiccan to come out to Kin City and fix her) and she can only go so long without sleep (no matter what she tells herself). Going up against meta-humans is one hefty challenge for her when Kate is on her own and because of this, she prefers working with a team, rather than solo for anything but routine patrols (and even for those, she enjoys the company of a team).

Physical Description: Kate is all smooth lines and toned muscle, bright eyes and tastefully done makeup. She moves with the grace that comes from mixing a youth spent in dance, an adult life training to fight and a healthy dose of confidence. She has jet-black hair that reaches just past her shoulders, and expressive blue eyes (with a corresponding penchant for sunglasses). She's very fair, because she burns rather than tans and keeps herself well sun-screened as a result.

Personality: Kate is, really, at her heart, a caring person. Perhaps even a bit too caring. She wants to help people - people she knows, people she doesn't… - and so she will unthinkingly accept responsibilities until she's got no time to care for herself, and will then proceed to run herself into the ground. She's done that before (see: college), and she might very well do it again, because, honestly Kate is very, very proud. She's proud of the life she's made and of her choices. She doesn't need your approval, or want it, really. You don't like that she's taking a full course load AND working at the soup kitchen AND walking her neighbor's dog AND doing the super-hero thing? Well - Kate doesn't care and she isn't going to drop the responsibilities she's taken on just because she's a little tired.

The only exceptions made to the above are for close friends, and even then, she has trouble. She is trying to train herself to a) not take on too much and b) take other people's advice about her life without feeling like she's being judged and found wanting. It's hard, though, and she doesn't always succeed. Conversely, Kate's pretty frank with other people. Yeah, she's crap at taking care of herself, but don't think for a second that will stop her from commenting on the fact that you really need to get some more sleep.

Thankfully, Kate is competent enough to back up her pride and, so long as she's dealing with problems that aren't of a personal nature, she's smart enough to accept/seek out help when she needs it. She gets things done; it's what she does.

History: Kate was born Katherine Elizabeth Bishop, the youngest daughter of Derek and Anita Bishop. Her father's publishing business - one of the largest in the world - meant that her world was one of opulence and luxury. However, due to her mother's influence, Kate was never able to fully embrace that life. Instead, she accompanied her mother whenever she could, gaining experience in doing social justice and charity work from a very early age. Her father, when she was young, loved what his wife was doing and felt proud of his youngest for following her footsteps, but that attitude died with her mother. Anita Bishop died trying to evacuate the members of a local hospital during an earthquake. Kate's father was heart broken and turned all his attention to his business, leaving his daughters to figure out their own lives with little parental guidance. Kate choose to continue on with her mother's work, funneling her father's money into new projects and social justice groups, despite his private fury.

Flash forward some years, where Kate meets the Young Avengers during her sister's wedding when they did an rather unprofessional job of rescuing the church from an armed gunman. Kate played a large part in the gunman's defeat, and choose to follow the young avengers back to their base so that she might join them. Although they had a rough start, Kate became an integral part of the team quickly. She repeatedly encouraged the team to continue doing their work when older heroes tried to shut them down, and was able to find them a base to work from. At one point, following the injury of Patriot during the fight between the Skrull and Kree empires over her teammate, Hulking, Kate shouted down Captain America. This incident would finally get the older heroes off the Young Avengers' backs, allowing them to move forward as a group, and is also the point at which Kate received the codename Hawkeye.

Kate would continue to work with the team until the end of her high-school years. At that point, Kate longed for a new place, away from her father presence. She choose to go to a small midwestern college, hoping that the rigorous academics promised by the school would better enable her to tackle social justice issues that the brute force of the Young Avengers could not hope to deal with.

Unfortunately, at this school, she found herself having a difficult time making friends, and the rural nature of the town was stifling rather than soothing. She made it through her first two years at the college, but by her third year, she found herself with too many responsibilities and not nearly enough support or time to do what she needed to do. A case of mono (which she ignored until she woke up to find herself in a hospital) finally forced Kate to withdraw on medical leave. She took the time to reevaluate her life, finding a surprising source of support in her sister, and choose to take the rest of the year off. The next year, she transferred to Kin City University.

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