Kate Beckett

Name: Detective Kate Beckett
Player: Shan
Character LJ: Wearing a gun
Original canon: Castle
Age: 30
Race: Human
Physical description: 5'9”, trim and wiry-strong, Beckett has angular features and a sensible haircut for a cop. Just long enough to pull back in a ponytail, her brown hair and hazel-green eyes put together a package of a pretty but no-nonsense woman.

Abilities: Strong sense of justice and excellent deductive reasoning

She had a normal life up until her mother's murder. It was then that her whole life changed. The tragic and seemingly random act of violence caused her father to become an alcoholic…and Kate to become a cop. She got a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and then went to the police academy where she proved herself to be one of the top rookies of her class. Hard work and dogged pursuit of criminals put her on the fast track through promotions. She has achieved the rank of Detective and works for the homicide division. She is one of the youngest detectives on the force, and one of very few women in such a position.

Her sense of justice is so strong that when she has a case, she doesn't let it go until she has the killer, and she makes sure that the evidence is so tight that there's no way the scum will get off on a technicality. She's only had one case that eluded her, and she has no idea how the corporate magnate slipped through a loophole. She takes things very personally, though some she never lets show. For example, she wears a man's watch and a woman's wedding ring on a chain around her neck, but very few know that the ring is for the life she lost (her mother Joanna's wedding ring) and one is for the life she saved (her father's, getting him into recovery).

Kate does everything conservatively, thinking everything through before she makes a judgment. However, she goes with her gut and listens to her instincts. She is so committed to her job that her colleagues accuse her of not even knowing how to have fun…even though she knows perfectly well how to let her hair down. She just does it differently than most. Kate reads, watches sappy movies, takes long bubble baths— all things she considers fun without realizing that they are solitary activities. There is little in her life beyond her job. She enjoys reading crime novels for entertainment and every now and again she'll go out for drinks with her best friend who is one of the medical examiners for the KCPD. But that is rare, and usually the conversation turns to work related discussions.

Housing situation:
She has a decent apartment on the northside, just a couple blocks from where the real estate prices skyrocket. She just barely makes her payments, but it's where she feels safe and she'll pull a double if money becomes tight, which it never does because she's so conservative with her funds.

Detective Kate Beckett works for the KCPD as a homicide detective.

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