Joe's Karaoke Bar And Grill


Joe's Karaoke Bar and Grill is a large sports bar and restaurant that can be found in the center of the city. When you first enter Joe's, you are greeted by the warm lighting and the dark wood of the interior. Clean and polished, the wood holds a high sheen, even after years of use. Tall tables with chairs line the walls, coupled with lower tables and booths as they encircle the two rooms that encompass the bar.

A family friendly environment with its inviting atmosphere, Joe's is the main hang out for the younger and older crowd alike. The grill has a full menu, the bar stays fully stocked and the waitstaff are always cheerful. Try their chicken wings, they're legendary!

Tuesday night is open mic Karaoke, and the fifteen televisions are always on and showing the latest sports events as they are broadcast across the globe.

When the Kin City Demons are playing, expect it to be standing room only!

If you have nothing to do and want to find some good people, Joe's is the place to go

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