Jenny Thornton

Name: Jenny Thornton
Character LJ: Runic Persephone
Player: Mylia
Original canon: The Forbidden Game
PB: Brittany Robertson
Age: 19
Race: Human. Has sorcerer blood in her and has been learning Rune magic of any kind she could for two years.
Physical description: Jenny is a slender girl, who currently looks a bit underfed since she's been focused so hard on the work she's been doing. She has long, amber-blonde to blonde hair that is almost to her waist when she leaves it down, and dark green eyes. She has some muscle tone because she has spent time working out in case what she was doing would cause the ones that she was afraid of to focus their attention on her.
Wealth: She comes from a wealthy family who have not yet cut off her access to her funds because they believed she just needed time to explore and find herself before she went off to college.
Living Situation: Jenny lives in a two bedroom house with a basement. In the basement is a panel that opens to a secret room that only she knows about right now.
Job: Works at Jazzmin as a bartender.


As far as Jenny knew, most of her life had been quite ordinary and she was just fine with that. She went to school and got terrific grades. She'd been involved with the same boy since second grade or maybe even before. She was close to her cousin and nothing excited had ever happened to her or in their town. It was quite blissfully ordinary and she was fine with that. That was what she thought and remembered. Then came the night that she met Julian and she bought The Game. That was when she was forced to save her friends and the only way she could do that was to confront a nightmare she had been having since she was five years old. It was a nightmare that she didn't realize had been real. When she was five years old she was visiting her grandfather like she usually did — and that was when everything went wrong. She opened a secret door and the Shadow Men were no longer contained by the rune that her grandfather had used to bind them in their own world. In a few moments, everything about her world changed and she had forgotten about it for almost eleven years. At five years old, her grandfather gave his life and soul to the Shadow Men to keep them from taking Jenny — and the youngest of the Shadow Men claimed her for his own.

She didn't realize this until she was sixteen.

Prior to the first Game, she was entirely subservient to Tom's wishes, dressing and acting exactly the way he wanted her to. As the series progressed, Jenny and her friends fought against the antagonist Julian. In doing so, her friendships deepened; Jenny matured to become more responsible and independent.

She also realized that as much as she cared about Tom, she was no longer willing to be subservient to his wishes and ideas — and that she could take care of herself and make good decisions without his input at all. She loved him, but she was no longer hopelessly or blindly in love with Tom. She realized a great many things and one of those was that there is such a thing as true passion and there isn't a great deal of passion between her and Tom. Between her and Julian, however…

Towards the end of the third Game, Jenny's feelings started changing where Julian was concerned and when he was killed in front of her, she felt like a part of her had been killed as well.



Jenny is a very laid back and gentle person who makes friends easily and wants to take care of everyone that she can. When we first meet her, she is almost completely subservient to the wishes and ideas of those around her — mostly her longtime boyfriend, Tom. In fact, the book opens with her going into a dangerous section of their town and narrowly avoiding a mugging because she was looking for something special to do at the birthday party for Tom that she was throwing. It's a bone of contention between Jenny and her two closest friends that she always seems to act in ways or wear what Tom prefers. However, as the trilogy progresses and the danger from the games increases, Jenny starts to realize that she a lot stronger and more capable than she had given herself credit for. She starts to make her own decisions without first consulting Tom, and in fact becomes one of the better planners of strategy than any of the others in her group.

Kin City

In the two years since Julian was lost to her, Jenny has finished high school and has also been schooled in magic and witchcraft from anyone who would and could teach her. Her grandfather was a sorcerer and she figured that some of the talent runs in their blood. Jenny has been willing to learn any kind of magic, but her focus has been on different kinds of Rune magic. After all, if Runes killed Julian, then Runes could bring him back.

After graduation, Jenny quickly realized that she couldn't stay around her friends while she was working on bringing Julian back to life. None of her friends would have understood and they might have tried to prevent her from accomplishing her task. She packed her things one night, left a note for her parents that she had some things she needed to figure out in her head, and then headed out.

She's not quite sure how she made it to Kin City, but she's been here for a few months now and thinks it suits her and that Julian would enjoy the surroundings, too.

Because all of her hard work with the runes is about to pay off — and it's something she has been hoping for during the last few years. She just hopes that all of this isn't going to backfire on her. She knows that he sacrificed himself for her in the Shadow World, but she doesn't know what his last thoughts concerning her were. She tries not to let this worry her and tries to remind herself that the important thing is that she brings him back to existence. She hopes she can work out any rough spots afterward.

Scenes Of Importance

Seeking Employment
Persephone Seeking Her Hades
Shopping For Certain Texts, Meeting Darius

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