Jazzmin is a piano bar owned by the vampire Kersen.

It is well known within supernatural circles as being a safe place to go and frequented by members of the magical community. Humans can go there as well, but after "official" closing time at 11pm, it is only open to those in the supernatural know - at which point they can be more open without worries of humans seeing or overhearing. Anyone with vampire-edible blood can pay their bar tab by making a blood donation. Kersen has a room set up in the back and one of the bartenders is also a registered nurse. Customers can also order blood to drink, served in wine glasses. (It can be ordered at any time, under the assumption that humans nearby will just assume it's red wine as long as they don't get too close.) Kersen sings and plays the piano with some regularity himself, usually in drag, though occasionally other musicians do as well. He also has a karaoke night, which he finds highly amusing.

Established NPCs:
Tabitha, human bartender and nurse, sees to most of the blood donations

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