Jackie Estacado

+ Vitals

Name: Jackie Estacado
Character LJ: darknesswielder
Original canon: The Darkness
PB: Antonio Banderas
Age: 22

Physical description: 6'1", 195lbs, brown eyes and black hair. In his normal form, he is of athletic build. He has an easy, seductive smile that charms most.

Abilities: Wielder of The Darkness. Former hitman for Franchetti Family mob, now the don. Can manipulate the Darkness into weapons (guns, specifically). Commands a legion of demons, called darklings, created specifically out of the Darkness to do his will…most of the time. An arrogant attitude, and the moxy (and talent) to back it up.

Who he was

Jackie Estacado was an orphan on the day he was born - his mother died in childbirth, his father died at the time of his conception. His father was Danny Estacado, a "stone cold mother-lovin' psycho" who did hits for the mob. His mother was a prostitute Danny had been with one night.

Placed into Saint Gerald's orphanage in New New York, Jackie showed signs early on of having a nasty temper and a willingness to fight for what he wanted. The only tenderness he showed was toward a girl who came in the same day he did, Jenny Moreno, whose mother had died taking bad heroin. Jenny was Jackie's best friend, the only one he cared for, and he protected her at any opportunity.

When Jackie was six years old he was adopted by Frankie Franchetti, a mafia boss with a nasty reputation and a nastier temper, and taken into the Franchetti family. At the age of sixteen Jackie did his first hit for Frankie, and soon Frankie's star rose, and he went from being practically nobody to being virtually the top of the heap. This was because of Jackie, who instinctively knew just who to hit and just how hard to hit them.

Jackie was well-paid and lived the high life of fast cars, expensive restaurants, and easy women. Along the way he tried to look after his friend Jenny, getting her a job at a club called Keiser's and dropping by every night for a glass of milk. Jackie's life was made, even if he did expect it to be short and the end bloody. All of this changed on his twenty-first birthday, when he inherited The Darkness.

The Darkness is an ancient mystical power of nearly inexhaustible capability. But with power comes a price - and this price is that when he conceives a child he will pass The Darkness to his progeny, dying in the process just as Danny did. (This seriously cuts down on Jackie's sex life.)

Along with this seriously badass power and its attendant curse, Jackie has to deal with Sonatine and The Brotherhood of Darkness, who want to use him in their plot to rule the world, as well as The Angelus, another ancient power that hates The Darkness and wants nothing more than to destroy him utterly. Jackie manages to defeat both of them, but this too comes with a price - Jenny. Jenny leaves New York, having understood finally that Jackie is who he is, her friend, her protector, the man she is in love with, but also a ruthless killer. As she gets on the train, she asks him for one favor - "try to do some good."

Simply because he has beaten him once does not deter Sonatine from trying again to control The Darkness. Manipulating Ian Nottingham, Sonatine wrests The Darkness from Jackie briefly to bestow it on Nottingham, but comes into conflict with the plans of his ally Wilder, who brings both The Darkness and The Witchblade (wielded by Sara Pezzini), together in one host, almost bringing about Armageddon in the process. However, Jackie is able to reclaim The Darkness because it is his power and he had no doubt that he wanted it, even with its price.

Appolonia Franchetti, Frankie's only child, comes home from Europe, intent on taking revenge on her father for his treatment of her mother, and on Jackie for standing in her way. She teams up with Sonatine to make a grab for The Angelus, only to find that it chooses her comatose mother instead. Brought back by the power of The Angelus, Lauren accidentally fries her daughter's nervous system, sending Appolonia into a coma, an event which Sonatine conveniently gets her to blame on The Darkness. While she attempts to take revenge upon both Jackie and Frankie, Jackie outwits her and defeats The Angelus yet again.

Jackie next found himself stalked by The Magdalena, an enforcer for The Catholic Church who is armed with The Spear of Destiny. While he never learned why she was set against him, he defeats her handily, crucifying her and breaking her spear. The fragments of the spear find their way under Appolonia's pillow at the hospital, healing and reviving her.

After this, Jackie helps out another childhood friend, then reunites with Jenny to save her from the town of Wyrmwood, which is a town possessed of energy from The Darkness. Jackie absorbs this energy into himself, becoming more powerful than many of the previous wielders.

He then goes up against The Angelus again, this time defeating her doppelganger construct of himself and rescuing Frankie again from her vengeance. However, he learns that Frankie is not the sort of man Jackie thought he was, and that Frankie has kept the existence of his sister, Capris, from him.

Sent to Gotham to take care of Batman, Jackie finds Jenny again, now working with the homeless. Talking to her and to Batman, Jackie finds himself sympathizing with the Caped Crusader, and when he goes to the station to turn himself in, he finds that Frankie thinks things are going down differently. Frankie threatens Jenny and attempts to kill her, causing Jackie to save her and Batman with the powers of The Darkness. This turns Jackie against Frankie, and he agrees to turn state's evidence against Frankie.

Jackie is placed in the witness protection program and escorted by an FBI agent, Carla Denton, who turns out to be the fiancée of a man Jackie killed a couple of years back. Carla seeks revenge upon Jackie for this act, and has teamed up with a Necrobi (an ancient race of demons that live on the sexual energy of humans) for this purpose. Jackie, along with Sara Pezzini, defeats the Necrobi. He then ditches the witness protection program, feeling he can take care of himself better.

Wandering around, Jackie eventually meets up with Jenny again, along with her fiancée Robert, otherwise known as Ripclaw (of Cyberforce). He teams up with them, as well as Capris, to defeat the Legion of Cherub Hostile, a legion of evil angels. Here Jackie learns that the powers of The Darkness and his ability to create darklings is infinite, limited only by his imagination.

Ripclaw is unable to protect Jenny, who gets kidnapped and murdered by Frankie in retaliation against Jackie's actions against him. Despondent at Jenny's death and his inability to protect her, Jackie is visited by the spirit of his father who tells him that everyone goes to Hell. Everyone - including Jenny. Jackie then lures Frankie down to a warehouse that is sitting on a lake of gasoline, and when Frankie allows him a last cigarette before shooting him, Jackie blows up the warehouse, killing both of them and Frankie's goons.

Jackie's spirit goes to Hell, where he searches for Jenny. He is visited by Tom Judge there, who offers him hope by telling him that he has already gotten Jenny out. This enables Jackie to leave Hell and return to Earth, where The Darkness has already regenerated his body.

When he regains consciousness, Jackie finds that The Darkness has changed. No longer is it precisely under his control. The darklings haunt him and whisper to him now. The Darkness has its own agenda and seeks to spread itself across the world. It is not happy at Jackie's little suicide mission.

He also finds that Paulie Franchetti, Frankie's cousin from Philly, has taken over the family. Paulie asks Jackie to become his consigliore, and when Jackie refuses, Paulie blows up St. Gerald's. A brief war ensues until Paulie tells Jackie that he has a hit man poised to take out Jenny's sister (which Jackie never knew she had). Jackie complies long enough to learn where the hit man is, take him out, then get rid of Paulie.

Jackie has now taken over the Franchetti mafia, and is set to rebuilding it. He goes to Hong Kong and takes out a Chinese mafia organization who had been muscling in on his family business, single-handedly. He goes to Las Vegas to make a deal with mafiosos there, where he finds that The Darkness creates separate beings to tempt him toward its goals. He also goes to Metropolis and comes to blows with Superman before coming to an uneasy, but does take out organized crime there.

Now that Jackie has a handle on the family in New New York, he's looking to expand their influence and has set his sights on Kin City, a veritable goldmine for family control.

What The Darkness holds for Jackie in the future, only it knows. All we know, and he knows, is that it will not let him go …

Who he is

Jackie is a highly intelligent and ruthless killer. Before he killed his adopted uncle, Frankie "Kill the Children too" Franchetti, he was the family's top hit-man. This gave him experience to develop hand-to-hand fighting skills, handling a variety of weapons. He is an expert marksman. Being raised in the mob aptly suited him to handle his legacy of The Darkness once he hit 21.

However, Jackie's upbringing didn't prepare him for the cost of being a Darkness wielder. While having a legion of demons at his beck and call to help him be even more efficient at his job as a hitman, it had one drawback. A womanizer by choice, the danger that procreating presented to his life has made an indelible mark on his psyche. He cannot risk impregnating a woman. To do so would be to pass on the mantle of the Darkness and he would instantly die upon conception.

No women for you, Jackie! And no sex makes Jackie a cranky boy.

As such, it has driven him a bit around the bend as now one of the two things he loved to do, the other being 'killing any who threaten the family', he can only take solace in his ability to control the Darkness for his own ends.

After his life-long friend, and the woman he loved, was killed by his 'uncle Frankie', Jackie is trying hard to use the Darkness for better purposes. He can't exactly turn over a new leaf and be a 'good man'. He's done too much in his life he knows he needs to atone for. He is trying to do good. His heart is in the right place. It's his soul that is filled with darkness. But he tries best that he can to make a bad situation livable for those around him.

And as always, the Darkness has other ideas…

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