Jack Harkness

Name: Captain Jack Harkness
Character LJ: I'm Torchwood
Player: Shan
Original canon: Torchwood and Doctor Who
Age: Immortal
Race: Human
Physical description: 6' tall, Jack's charisma makes him seem taller and more imposing than he is. He's rarely without his greatcoat, which only adds to the impression that he's larger than life. He has dark hair and striking blue eyes. With his classic movie star looks he is someone you immediately take note of.
Wealth: He has a modest income, paid by Josef Kostan
Living Situation: Currently living with Logan Echolls

Things You Need To Know

  • Jack is a fixed point in time and space. If your pup would notice such things, they can.
  • Jack is a psychic void. If your pup can read others, Jack's just a big blank space. Totally silent…unless he chooses to send. And yes, he can tell if you're trying to read his thoughts.
  • Jack will come back from the dead, but the way he died determines how long it takes for him to come back.
  • Jack will flirt but he doesn't pursue. Your pup will have to make the first move.


Captain Jack Harkness is a shortlived companion of The Doctor on the show Doctor Who, broadcast on the BBC. Jack traveled with the Doctor (Ninth incarnation) and Rose Tyler at the end of Series 1. Jack Harkness, also known as Captain Jack (an alias; his real name is, as yet, unrevealed), is a character in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who and its spin-off Torchwood. He first appeared in the episode The Empty Child as a rogue Time Agent and remained for the rest of the season. He is the first openly bisexual companion.

Jack's background is unclear, but piecing together what little is known reveals quite a bit. Jack comes from the Boeshane Peninsula in the Isop galaxy. As a child, he lived with his father, Franklin, his mother, and younger brother, Gray. His father was killed in an invasion by "the most horrible creatures you could possibly imagine", during which Jack and Gray ran, but Gray slipped from Jack's grasp and disappeared. He never found him. Two years later, Jack went to war at the age of seventeen with his best friend, who he persuaded to join up because it would "be an adventure". Instead, Jack watched the enemy torture and kill his friend because he was weaker. They made him watch, and then let him go. Jack was the first person from the Boeshane Peninsula accepted by the Time Agency; he was nicknamed the Face of Boe (presumably for his poster-boy status) Although the time period in his past is unclear, at some point Jack was "the go to guy" when it came to torture. The Time Agency disbanded and there are only about seven Time Agents left in the universe. One of them is Captain John Hart, who was Jack's partner, lover, and nemesis. It is implied that for as psychopathic and violent John is, Jack in his prime, was worse. Jack and John were trapped in a two week time loop that lasted for five years.

The Time Agency, like Jack, is rooted in the Fifty-first century. The first time the Time Agency was mentioned as an entity was when the Fourth incarnation of the Doctor, along with his companion Leela, encountered Magnus Greel. Time Agents had been sent after Greel as well because he'd stolen a time closet from them to escape the 51st century. Another indication of Time Agency involvement is in the two part episode of the Tenth Doctor, Human Nature, and Family of Blood. The Family encountered the Doctor and Martha Jones in 2007 and chased them throughout time and space with a stolen Time Agent vortex manipulator in order to steal from the Doctor some means of ensuring that they would live longer lifespan. The Doctor was forced to turn himself into a Human using the Chameleon Arch in his TARDIS in order to escape them. Jack first appeared in the two-part episode of the 2005 series of Doctor Who. The Doctor's companion Rose meets him during the London Blitz in 1941, where he is posing as an American volunteer in the Royal Air Force, with the rank of Group Captain. Jack initially tries to con the pair, thinking they are Time Agents. He holds a grudge against his former employers because one day he woke up with two years of his memories erased. He has no idea if he's trustworthy or not. As he accompanies the Doctor for several adventures, the character is transformed from the con man he was into a hero. In his final 2005 appearance in The Parting of the Ways, he is shot dead opposing the Daleks, but Rose brings him back to life while suffused with the power of the time vortex.

Insert all about Torchwood here:

He was a Time Agent, then a criminal and a coward. The Doctor changed all that…and so much more. Jack can't die, and he's been waiting on Earth for the Doctor to return. He's been associated with Torchwood for a century, taking command of Torchwood 3 in Cardiff in 2000. He found his Doctor. He came back for his team. His past came back to haunt him, taking so many people he cared deeply for with it.

Jack comes from the end of Season 3 Torchwood after he's boarded the cold fusion cruiser.


He's a strong leader, an unrepentant flirt, and cares more deeply than he lets on. He loved Earth and the people, but he had to leave before he became more of a monster than he thought he already was. More to come

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