Name: Hermes (Carey Dohtes, other pseudonyms and faces as the job requires.)
Player: R
Journal: swiftasthought
Original Canon: Olympus (comic)
Age: Immortal
Race: Greek God
Marital Status: Still legally married to Thomas A Quinn, but due to Fatherly Dickbaggery, has had to end it. He hasn't filed the papers yet, because if anything happened, he's certain that they'd both wish to know. In the eyes of Olympus, his spouse is the Titan Prometheus. The gods are only slightly less upset about that than they were about the mortal.

Job: Former owner-operator of Quicksilver couriers. He's grown bored with that and has shifted his attentions from ferrying other people's letters to information recovery and analysis. Or, in real world words, getting paid to steal people's stuff. Officially, he works for the security services. Unofficially, he does whatever he damn well pleases…mostly on the dime of the powers that be.

Housing: Splits time between his penthouse at the top of the Gao Building and Prometheus' flat above his shop.

Physical Description: The problem with Hermes is that he can look however he pleases. In his true form, he is tall with long golden hair and wings and radiates a golden hue. In Kin City, he is 6'2", and has short blonde-brown, blue-green eyes, easy smile that is very, very expressive even if his eyes stay tired around the edges. Gods were never meant to dabble so much in mortal lives and it truly does take a lot out of him to watch them suffer and not be able to help.

Abilities: This is a lot and I'm sure I'm going to forget some stuff so please bear with me. Is as fast as thought, Possesses unnatural strength, Immortal but not Invulnerable, Multi-Lingual, Advanced Learning Capabilities, Enhanced Senses, Shape-shifting into mist or any other form (though he prefers male), Can turn things to animal, vegetable, or mineral, etc etc. He's a god, but that doesn't make him perfect.

God of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them, of shepherds and cowherds, of orators, literature and poets, of athletics, of weights and measures and invention and commerce in general, of liars, and of the cunning of thieves. Which basically means that he can lie, cheat and steal and get away with it all while being fit, brilliant at maths, with certain animals, and charming the hell out of you.

He does everything, and I mean everything quickly, from reading a book to healing a "fatal" wound. The godling has speed and doesn't hesitate to use it to his advantage.

(a note post his problems with his father: : Hermes' main strength lies in communications, his language skills, getting into information that he shouldn't, etc, the sorts of things a messenger relies on. His speed is still there, but he can only focus on one kind of speed at a time. He can move fast or he can heal fast, but he can't move fast and heal fast and if he's healing, his divine strength might not be as divine as the situation calls for. He can still transform, is still polytropos, but if it's an animal not in his domains it takes a lot out of him. Crow is his favourite still. Shifting human forms is easier, though he'll always prefer male and usually just the one he's settled in for now.)

Before Kin

Hermes was born on Mt. Cyllene in Arcadia in the Old Days. That isn’t important to our story, though. From the day he was born, Hermes was a thief and an inventor. He stole Apollo’s sacred cattle and hasn’t looked back since. Granted, he and the Far Shooter made up shortly after the incident and agreed to be brothers the way they ought to be (Apollo specifically said something about not loving anyone over Hermes for all the delight his younger brother brought him) instead of trying to kill each other. He became the herald of Zeus, swift as thought and cunning as a fox. He is the god of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them, of shepherds and cowherds, of orators, literature and poets, of athletics, of weights and measures and invention and commerce in general, of liars, and of the cunning of thieves. As a translator, he is the messenger from the gods to humans and therefore, knows divinely all the languages of Earth and is learning quickly many alien ones.

Hermes continued on doing Zeus’s bidding for over 2,000 years, from the days of the ancients to 2009 when he finally got Fed Up. Hermes fell in love with a mortal woman and left Olympus to go live with her, taking with him the symbol of his office as Apollo gave it to him so many ages prior, the caduceus. Going to live amongst mortals is a capital offence and taking the caduceus with him sealed Hermes’s fate. He changed his name to Grigori and was on the run, knowing that nobody even among the deathless gods could catch him. He was in love and he wanted to spend the rest of the woman’s mortal life with her since he patently could not bring her to Olympus to live with the gods.

Enter Castor and Pollux, two brothers granted immortal life by Zeus so long as they too did his bidding. They were sent along with an anchor which would drag Hermes to Hades to be exiled for the rest of eternity to fetch the staff which contained the voice of the god of gods back. Hermes wasn’t having it, but even the most cunning of the gods couldn’t function when at the end of his rope. He was tricked, blindsided by the hook end of the chain anchor from behind and so was dragged down to Hades.

Hermes spent some time being burned constantly by the chains that lashed him in place. This seemed to more annoy him than anything, because when Castor came down to free him, well he was fairly sarcastic about the whole thing. Castor freed him, Hermes repaid the debt owed by being released and then set about talking with Zeus. Zeus was less than pleased with his son's antics but couldn't honestly say he was surprised. That was when things started to change and the Old Gods came back to the world they left when Christianity became popular. And as the Earth started to die, Hermes moved to the New Earth, heralding his family's eventual arrival there and setting up shop in Kin City. Over the years he's met more people and species than he ever thought he would and even though he doesn't know what's next, he's excited to see where the universe is going to take him.

In Kin The First Time

Hermes loved Tom Quinn. He married him even. Zeus was not pleased, not at all. It was an affront to be consorting with mortals when the mortals had turned their backs on them. He punished Hermes and then was further enraged when Tom went down to the underworld to free him.

He and Tom went off to New New New London for a while, set up shop as private intelligence. They'd been doing really well, if only because hacking comms is something a messenger god is far too good at. The hard part was making it look like a challenge and not just having results for some clients in seconds. Even Hermes has his limits when it came to being slow.

However, Zeus changed his mind about Hermes' flagrant preference for one mortal. The gods weren't for it, and if they wed, it was to each other. Not a man. It used to be to make new gods for things like beans and the sock fuzz between your toes. Zeus decided that man didn't deserve new gods (though that didn't stop anyone from fucking) and only really just recently came 'round to the idea of new demi-gods. Those could be alright. Entertainment even.

So he gave Hermes a choice, one he couldn't openly defy against. One that wasn't simply binding up his divinity like he had the last time. This time, the option was simple. End it with the mortal, or the mortal will die now. Honestly, Hermes wasn't sure why Zeus hadn't done that in the first place, but it didn't matter. There was no choice for Hermes. Tom would live, and Tom would have to live without him. It was heartbreak, but Hermes left, reuniting Tom with one of his other colleagues and offering to help out on things that were too difficult to crack. He's back in Kin now, following the rumor that Prometheus had settled down there. If anything, the titan would be a distraction from his hurt. And if Prometheus gets boring, well shit, there's still Jack and his bunch. Maybe the puck too. Or the fae prince.



Hermes just radiates energy. He's not overly hyper or anything, but it's rare to see him at a standstill unless something has completely captured his interest. He loves humans and can't find it in him to hate even the ones that are dubbed evil by others. Perhaps this is from too many eons serving as the guide of souls to the underworld, who knows? He loves moving and using his body to the best of his abilities. He's open and inviting and has been alive too long to let the little things get to him.

Hermes doesn't believe much in the way of the other religions. He knows they're real, knows they exist, but people like the Hebrews and the Egyptians don't hold much consequence to him simply because he knows that he's real as well. He's loyal to those he cares about, but since he is a trickster and a thief, sometimes he really cannot help but screw over the people he loves. He doesn't want to, but sometimes these things cannot be helped.

Hermes loves life. He loves the lives of mortals, loves the lives of plants and loves the lives of animals and insects. He loves the smell of grass and the feel of cool earth between his toes. The pollution in the world bothers him to no end because it feels like everything is dying a slow, painful death and he's not certain what to do about it. Despite this, his love for life persists and he'll do anything in his power to make it so that others love life too, that they see the beauty inherent in simply taking a breath.

He's very earnest about things, generally steadfast in his convictions though he can be convinced otherwise from time to time, it takes a lot of effort. This steadfastness does not mean that he's completely deaf to other people's points of view. He accepts them as valid and existing, but generally believes his point of view to be the right one. This is because of his divine nature and can, from time to time, be a bit hypocritical.

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