Helena G. Wells

Name: Helena G. Wells
AKA: H.G.Wells
Age: Unknown


Helena G. Wells is a Victorian-era former 'Warehouse' apprentice.

The man commonly thought of as "H. G. Wells" was, in fact, Helena's brother Charles Wells. The stories published under the name of "H. G. Wells" were, however, Helena's. She met Nikola Tesla at the 1893 World's Fair, and subsequently apprenticed at Warehouse 12 in London. She was the mother of Christina, who was murdered in 1899 while staying with her cousins in Paris.

Following the death of her daughter in 1899, Helena became obsessed with devising a way to alter the past in order to save Christina's life, and subsequently succeeding in creating a machine capable of shifting the consciousness of one person into the body of another in a different time period. She then used the device to shift her mind into the body of her cousins' nanny. She managed to fight off the men who killed her daughter, but failed to prevent Christina's death. After returning to her own body and time, she tracked down the men who murdered Christina and tortured and killed them.

In 1900, she was bronzed at her own request and confined to the Bronze Sector of the Warehouse, immobile but still conscious. Several of her personal effects including her ring, locket, and compact were stored in the Escher Vault.

In 2010, she was debronzed by James MacPherson. Wells and MacPherson successfully conspired to steal a case of antimatter from the particle physics laboratory at CERN, which Wells used to power the Imperceptor, thereby allowing her to navigate through the Escher Vault in order to retrieve her confiscated belongings. When she exited, she found MacPherson captured by Warehouse agents and killed him before he could reveal the nature of her plans, then used the Imperceptor to escape from the Warehouse.

She is currently hiding out in Kin City, away from the eyes of Warehouse 13.

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