Harry Dresden

Name: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden
Character LJ: forzare
Original canon: The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
Age: 35 (looks 30)


Harry was born to Malcolm Dresden, a poor traveling stage magician, and Margaret Gwendolyn LeFay Dresden, an actual wizard (though Malcolm never knew it). Harry's mother died in childbirth, and his father died of a brain aneurysm when he was six years-old. At that point, Harry became a ward of the state, and was passed from foster home to foster home for the next four years.

When he was ten, two things happened that would change his life forever.

1) His magical ability manifested

2) He became a ward of Justin DuMorne.

Life with Justin wasn't easy. DuMorne favored the "sink or swim" method of teaching and motivated Harry with more stick than carrot. But there was one thing about living with DuMorne that Harry loved above all reason, and that was Elaine.

Elaine Mallory was Justin's other ward. She was around Harry's age, very pretty, and also a wizard. The few brief years spent with Elaine were one of the happiest times of Harry's life. And like all of the highlights of Harry's life, it came crashing down in a blaze.

When Harry was 16 DuMorne enthralled Elaine, meaning he put her under mind control, and attempted to do the same with Harry. What he intended to do with Elaine and Harry is unclear, as Harry managed to escape, and with the help of his Faerie Godmother (no, really), Leanansidhe, he was able to defeat DuMorne, burning his lab, and his body, in the process. He also believed (wrongly) that he had killed Elaine.

The nature of DuMorne's death raised eyebrows with the White Council, the international governing body of Wizards. Undecided on whether Harry had killed maliciously, which is a violation of the First Law of Magic, or killed in self-defense, which was more of a gray area, they sent Harry to live with Ebeneezer McCoy, as a temporary stay of execution. Unbeknownst to Harry, McCoy was the Blackstaff, essentially the Council's version of Black Ops. If Harry appeared to be manifesting as a dark wizard, McCoy's orders were to kill him. Unbeknownst to the Council, and Harry, McCoy was also Harry's maternal grandfather, and the next three years were spent on McCoy's farm as McCoy tried to undo all the damage DuMorne had done to the impressionable young wizard.

When he was 20, Harry moved to Kin City, mostly hoping for anonymity. He did a number of odd jobs for a few years before he started working with Nicholas Christian at Ragged Angel Investigations. A couple years later he'd open up his own practice. Harry put an ad in the phone book under "Wizards" and waited for the money to roll in.

…he's still waiting.

Though he does get the occasional legitimate client, about ten years ago Harry began working with the SI division of the Kin City Police Department to help pay the bills. SI was basically the KCPD's version of the FBI's X-Files (if it's weird, or unexplained, they send it to SI). It was through working with SI that Harry met Karin Murphy.

Then everything changed. For the past ten years, Harry's life has been increasing in complexity and danger exponentially. He found out his childhood girlfriend, Elaine, was not actually dead, but had escaped under the protection of the Lady of Summer. He met and semi-adopted a pack of werewolves. But if he had to trace it back to particular moment as a turning point, he would probably say it was when he went to a costume party. Three things happened at that party that would forever alter the course of Harry's life. First, he killed Bianca, a baroness of the Red Court vampires, which ignited a war between the Red Court and Harry (and by extension, all wizards). Second, his girlfriend, Susan Rodriguez, was kidnapped and turned into a vampire, and then ran away to South America. Third, and most importantly, he met his half-brother, Thomas Raith, though it would be several months before he found out that they shared the same mother.

As the war between the White Council of wizards and the Red Court of vampires heated up, Harry had his hands full helping in a war between Summer and Winter in the Faerie Courts, rescuing Thomas from a trio of porn star sorceresses, stopping a massive necromantic ritual on Halloween with the help of a reanimated Tyranosaurus (no, really), stopping a group of Demigods who possess their hosts through 30 cursed coins (and getting temporarily possessed by one of the coins himself), and stopping a cadre of rampaging movie monsters come to life (while also being drafted into the Wardens, the law-enforcement arm of the White Council, the same jolly band who had for years been waiting for Harry to make the slightest wrong move so they could behead him). That alone was enough to convince Harry that God had a sense of humor.

Of course, being a Warden just made things worse instead of better. Representatives from the main houses of the White Court used the Wardens' grey cloaks to frame Harry for a series of murders. With the help of Elaine and Thomas, Harry discovered the plot and went to a secret summit of the White Court to challenge the culprits to a duel. He was winning, too…until Vittoro Malvora revealed himself to be a sorcerer himself, in the employ of a group Harry has dubbed the 'Black Council'. Harry had to fight his way through an army of 'superghouls' summoned by Vittoro, and he and his friends nearly died. In the end, Lash, the shadow of one of the Demigods from the Denarius coins who had taken up residence in his head, sacrificed herself to save Harry, and he escaped with Lara Raith, Thomas' sister, while Thomas, Murphy and Johnny Marcone retreated with other refugees from the aborted summit through a door into the Nevernever.

And that's where we are.

Five Things about Harry Dresden

He's not a strategist. When it comes to his actions, he prefers not to plan, but instead to be prepared and when his preparations fail, he is extremely resourceful. This causes problems for Harry when the resources he uses come back to haunt him in the form of people. When Harry speaks about his magic, he talks about how he gets by based on the sheer force of power he can call to him. The rest is luck. He is, without a doubt, an extremely powerful wizard (so powerful that some members of the White Counsel wanted to kill him just because of the threat he could pose).

He doesn't trust easily. The number of people he trusts wholeheartedly he can count on one hand and have fingers left over. One of those people is Thomas. Harry's trust for Thomas isn't necessarily because of what Thomas has done to help him. When Thomas told Harry they were related, he automatically became one of the most important people in Harry's life. Harry is stupid about his family. Growing up without one, family (whether it be his own or the families of people he knows) have an almost religious importance. It's because of these trust issues and wanting to protect his and other people's families that he doesn't always tell people the whole truth. Harry doesn't like to lie, but the truth is dangerous and can hurt people. Especially the kinds of truths that Harry knows.

He doesn't think of himself as a religious person. He's not Christian. He's not Jewish. And he's definitely not Wiccan. But Harry's relationship to magic (his belief in balance and cosmic forces) is a way of seeing the world and interacting with it. It governs his actions and his morality, and in that sense, it's the closest thing to a religion that Harry has.

He's a smart ass. Harry's mouth sometimes gets him into trouble. Part of that is because he still, at age 35, has a massive chip on his shoulder and enjoys pissing off the establishment that rejected him. But part of it is also that he would rather anger be directed at him than at other people. It's part of his chivalrous nature—bordering on masochistic martyrdom.

For being one of the most powerful wizards in the world, he doesn't have the greatest self-esteem. After his parents died, he wandered the foster care system for four years, feeling unwanted, and then when he was finally adopted, it was only because of his magic. His magic, he believes, is the only worthwhile part of himself. It's this reason that he doesn't date a lot or have a lot of friends (he doesn't believe him worthy of them). It's this reason that he throws himself into battle without a plan (if he dies, there's no great loss). But it's also this lack of self-esteem that causes him to care about other people and protect them so fiercely.

Life in Kin City

Harry is a wizard. You can find him in the phone book, or stalk him at his home. He lives in a two-level basement apartment with his cat, Mister, his Foo dog, Mouse, and Bob the Skull.

His apartment is one large room, with a kitchenette off to one side, a bedroom, and a bathroom inside the bedroom. Beneath the apartment is the sub-basement, which is Harry's lab.

Being a wizard, he avoids technology (and technology avoids him, if it knows what's good for it). Luckily, his apartment is heated by a fireplace, his shower is heated by a wood-burning boiler, he cooks on a wood stove, lights his home with candles, and all his appliances are mechanical rather than electric. It's like living in the 19th century. Except sexier.

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