Grace Choi

Mun: Roshan
Name: Grace Choi
Original canon: DC Comics

Age: 25

Race: Asian American


Physical description: Grace isn't one to blend into a crowd. At almost seven feet tall, she's pretty noticeble. And not just because of her hight—Grace would stand out regardless. She is heavily muscled, with short red hair, black eyes and tattoos all down her arms and back, which can usually be seen at all times because Grace a healthy disrespect for clothes. She usually wears a short halter top with a pair of baggy cargo pants and heavy boots. When she is out heroing, which isn't very often since she swore it off, she sticks to the same uniform that she wears every day.

Abilities: Grace is a meta, with super strength and the ability to recover quickly from most injuries.


Grace has had a tough life. As a child, she was sold into slavery and prostitution, although she doesn't remember much about her life before that. When she hit puberty, her powers developed, and she freed herself and all the other children in the compound. Since then, she has been on her own. She lived for several years on odd jobs and whatever else she could scrounge, before finally becoming old enough to work as a bouncer at clubs (or at least, old enough to fake being old enough to work legally). With her strength and refusal to take crap from anyone, she quickly became a well known bouncer, and ended up working at Chaney's, the metahuman bar and dance club.

After working there for a year, she was recruited to become a part of the Outsiders, a team lead by (among other people) Nightwing. She worked as a member of the Outsiders for a while, mostly because the pay was good, but eventually decided that she was tired of being shot at and thrown around by supervillains — and possibly, though she would never admit it, because she and her girlfriend, Thunder, broke up — and decided to go back to being a bouncer. She has since moved to Kin City, looking to get a fresh start and a better job.


Grace doesn't take crap from anyone. She is strong, independent, blunt, and doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks about her. She sometimes comes off as rude or abrasive to people, but she's got a good heart and cares more about the people around her than she likes to let on. She's a big fan of tough love and telling it like it is, but she doesn't let anyone bully or abuse people while she's around. Grace is also queer and proud of it, and is open to sex with just about anyone. She has a tendency to talk before she thinks, and never regrets anything as a matter of principle.

Job: Bouncer.

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