Golden Path Plot

The Golden Path is a philosophy that many disaffected, discontented, unemployed and unstable personalities have gravitated around. It is, as of now, a loose, disorganized group of individuals who's primary goal is to call into question the corruption of the Kin City government and their stranglehold on free trade. The New Earth Liberation Front (NELF) is funded in secret by private enterprises, both within and outside of Kin City who are looking to free up import/export restrictions in place by the Kin City officials.

They are organized in individual pockets, or cells. The cells are insular and very few members (numbering on one hand, those positioned in high corporate places) know who the other member cells are, where they are located, and who finances their operations.

This is a low-key, background and on-going plot that can help keep the police/investigative/nosy-busybodies/innocent bystanders happily engaged. Spikes of activity will occur as terrorist activities flare from time to time (hostage situations, kidnappings, petty crime, bomb scares, drug/prostitution rings, etc - specifically planned plots). They will have the tie-in to the background plot of terrorism in Kin City but with the set up of being a loosely-bound set of terrorist cells, all promulgating the same philosophy and yet still operating independently, should other players decide to take on these activities and want to tie it back into the terrorist activities, it won't adversely affect the over-all plot. Or shouldn't.

And it could grow to be quite the conspiracy in Kin City as previously unaffiliated groups begin to work in cooperation to 'free Kin City from the tyranny of the corruption of a xenophobic government!'

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