Faith Lehane

Name: Faith Lehane
Character LJ:
Original canon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Age: 19
Race: caucasian
Physical description: Tall, slim and dark, Faith is something of a bombshell. She's got a great butt and jacked arms. She keeps her dark brown hair long and loose around her face, preferring stark make up that is always a little dramatic. She has one tattoo on her upper right arm.
Abilities: She's a slayer, so she has super human strength, speed and agility. Faith also has the occasional psychic, mystical experience, but she never had the prophetic dreams Buffy had.


Background: Born and raised in Boston, Faith believed her abusive father was dead when he was really in jail, and eventually was put into foster care when her mother disappeared, leaving Faith to live on her own. It was in foster care where Faith killed her first vampire. Faith had relived the lives of past slayers in her dreams for as long as she could remember, but it wasn't until her first watcher, Professor Diana Dormer, found her that she began her training as a potential.

Faith became a slayer when Kendra was killed by Drusilla, but in keeping with her fraught life, Faith lost her watcher early on, an event that led her to Sunnydale in search of Buffy. Fighting alongside Buffy for a while, Faith slowly began to feel as though she might have found a place to belong, but the differences between them were clear. Faith and Buffy approached their powers with opposite attitudes. Buffy seemed to carry being the slayer as a burden, while Faith had always been exhilarated by violence. Things came to a head when Faith accidentally killed a man and refused, despite Buffy's urging, to deal with it. For a brief moment, it seemed as though she might - thru Angel's intervention - face what had happened, but the new watcher Wesley Wyndam-Price ruined the chance by trying to capture Faith with help from the council. Eventually, she joined forces with the Mayor of Sunnydale - Richard Wilkins - and began acting as a double agent for him. Her treachery was uncovered by Angel and Buffy, deepening the divide between the two slayers. Wilkins, despite his evilness, became something of a father figure to the unhappy slayer, giving her the kind of parental love she'd never really had before. His death hit her very hard - although she didn't hear about it for a long time after the fact because a fight between her and Buffy before the Mayor's ascension left Faith in a coma for almost a year.

Upon waking up to find Wilkins dead at Buffy's hand, Faith descended further into uncontrollable violence. Attacking Buffy's mother, Faith used a device left her by Wilkins to switch bodies with Buffy, wrecking further havoc in Buffy's life before being switched back. Faith then fled to LA, where she was hired by Wolfram and Hart to kill Angel. In the ensuing fight, Angel realized Faith had taken the job in the hopes that Angel would kill her, and he was able to reach her through her breakdown, taking the miserable slayer in, in an attempt to help her. His chances are once again destroyed by the appearance of the Watcher's Council. Faith escapes the council, as well as Buffy's attempts to bring her in, and runs to Kin City, hoping to disappear into a city where no one knows her, and she knows no one.

Personality: Faith has never had an easy relationship with anything. Abandoned by both her parents, she learned early on to fend for herself and so she is fiercely independent, and doesn't like accepting help, even when she desperately needs it. Informed early on by experiences with violence and betrayal, she doesn't trust easily and her conflict resolution skills usually boil down to punching. She never finished high school and throughout her time with Buffy she is very aware of the educational and class differences between her and the Scoobies. Pride is a big part of her defenses, and she doesn't take insult lightly.

In another life, Faith might have been a very light hearted person. She loves fun, and laughing, and when she does feel she has friends, she's mostly invested in having a good time. Those good times often get her in trouble, though, either with said friends, or with the cops. However, she struggles with a deep sense of self loathing which often manifests as extremely self destructive behavior. She likes to drink, she likes sex and she likes fighting. She doesn't hold on to emotional attachments easily, but when they are made, she is fiercely loyal, sometimes to the point of blindness.

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