Dick Grayson

Mun: Falco
Name: Dick Grayson aka “Robin” aka “Nightwing”
Original canon: DCU
Age: twenty-four
Race: Human. Caucasian with Roma heritage

Physical description: Dick has been an acrobat since he could walk and has passed through Batman’s incredibly rigorous training regimen, so he is in killer shape. He’s lean, cut and very powerful. His black hair is kept relatively long, very rarely going past his shoulders. His eyes are bright blue and his Roma heritage gives him a medium complexion. He’s 5’10” and 180 lbs, most of which is muscle. His training has also made him economic and graceful in movement. Canonically he has worked as a model, so it can be assumed that he’s very easy on the eyes, not to mention has the best butt in the DCU. Over the years, Dick has accumulated a wealth of scars, mostly lacerations, that crisscross his torso, but he also has bullet scars in his right shoulder, left arm and his upper left thigh.

Abilities: Thanks to Bruce Wayne, Dick is a master of more than ten martial arts styles, and thanks to his parents he is the best human acrobat in the DCU. He is the only known non-meta who can do a quadruple somersault. His defense is as strong as his offense and he uses his acrobatics as much as possible while fighting. He is incredibly fast and agile. Unless his opponent is particularly skilled, or is a meta, it doesn’t take him more than a few well placed kicks to take someone out. Dick isn’t interested in hurting those he fights – for the most part – when on a normal patrol, he is more interested in incapacitating so the police can arrest. While far from unbeatable – metas are a real challenge, and he doesn’t have the complete mastery that Cassandra Cain wields, he wins most his fights and is generally able to use his detective skills to great advantage.


History: Dick Grayson was born to John and Mary Grayson on the first day of spring in the family’s circus trailer. Born into a family of acrobats, Dick started training as soon as he was old enough, but the training was always like play to him. He loved the job, he loved his parents and the circus, and he loved flying. But when the circus stopped in Gotham to perform, and wouldn’t pay off the mob for the privilege of doing the show there, John and Mary’s lines were cut and they plummeted to their deaths, in full view of their nine year old son. This is the motivating factor in what would become Dick’s career as a vigilante. Adopted by the millionaire Bruce Wayne, (aka Batman) who had been in attendance when the tragedy occurred, Dick trained to work alongside Batman as Robin, the Boy Wonder.

After a near-fatal encounter with Harvey “Two-Face” Dent, Batman attempts to fire Robin, hoping to save him from a dangerous life as his partner, but it doesn’t stick. Dick does, however, realize that he needs more than just his life as Robin. It’s out of this need that the Teen Titans are born and the group becomes family for the boy. He grows up with them, fighting and falling in love with teammate Koriand’r aka Starfire. During this time, things are tense with Bruce who eventually fires him for good to replace him with Jason Todd. Dick does not give up the fight, however, and remains as leader of the Titans as Nightwing.

Not all was good after he joins the Titans. Kory, an alien princess, had to take a marriage of state and Dick fell under the thrall of a dangerous cult. He escapes their grip and he and Kory resume their relationship, intending to get married, but Dick puts his foot in it by sleeping with ex-girlfriend Barbara Gordon aka the former Batgirl. Having betrayed both women, Dick is disgusted with himself and breaks it off with Kory in order to deal with the residual affects of his brainwashing. Over the years, he is on and off again with both Babs and Kory as well as number of other women. Canonically, Dick tends to have sexual tension with just about everyone he meets.

After the death of Jason Todd, Dick returned to Batman’s side, but was rebuffed, not only for the place of his partner – Tim Drake becomes the new Robin – but for the role of Batman when Bruce is out of commission. This goes to Jean Paul Valley aka Azrael, who eventually goes a bit nuts and Dick takes on the cowl for a time.

After Bruce’s recovery, Dick moves to Bludhaven, Gotham’s neighbor, to deal with the corruption and violence there. He comes into his own as the city’s protector – mostly coming up against the crime lord Blockbuster – until tragedy struck again and Dick found himself grieving the loss of Titan teammate Donna Troy. He disbands the Titans as a result, although his good friend Roy Harper aka Arsenal, convinces him to join the Outsiders – a group who becomes family to Dick just as the Titans had been.

Things only go downhill for Dick from there. Blockbuster, determined to destroy Nightwing, systematically goes after everything he cares about – the Circus Dick grew up in and now owns gets burned to the ground, the apartment he lives in is blown up and most of his friends and neighbors are killed. In the end, the vigilante Tarantula, with whom he already had a complicated relationship, joins him. In a tragic moment, Tarantula kills Blockbuster – with Dick’s protest coming too little too late – and in his shock and while suffering from physical trauma, she uses his body in an act that could only be described as rape.

This sends Dick into a tailspin and it takes him a long time to tell anyone what had happened. Eventually he begs Bruce’s forgiveness, but is told that Bruce’s forgiveness is not what he needs, that instead needs to forgive himself. Unable to deal with his guilt, Dick disappears from Gotham - too many ghosts, and Bludhaven - too much heartbreak. He chooses Kin City to be the setting for his redemption. As the first cape to arrive on the scene, he soon discovers that his work is cut out for him.

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