Tom Quinn

Name: Tom Quinn

Character LJ: the_doubter

Player: Rhi (Rhivolution)

Original canon: Spooks

Age: 34

Race: human

Physical description: Above all else, Tom is tall (6'3") and solidly built, though hardly fat or particularly buff by any means. He has light brown hair kept sensibly short, and is moderately good-looking, but his relatively average appearance is set off by rather piercing blue eyes, and, in the rare cases that it appears, a vibrant smile. The former is his major tell, a step on the way to breaking his usual aloof composure; the latter something fairly rare, partially because that's his way and partially because he's an Englishman of a certain type. In fact, Tom puts a decent amount of effort into not being particularly noticeable and impeccably middle class. He could, if seen on the street, be anyone.

Abilities: Nothing in-human. However, Tom was a very skilled MI5 officer, and even as a civilian, his abilities haven't lapsed much; most important of these is that he is both excellent at lying and at reading people, though he has additional physical and mental skill sets. Think Jack Bauer, if Jack Bauer weren't implausible. And was very English.

Housing: Tom has a relatively nice, if small, flat in the Brit district. He doesn't believe in taking up too much space if he doesn't have to, and he wants to be in the middle of things—less because he's social, more to keep an eye on them.

Job: Co-owner and lead operative of a private security firm, specializing in interglobal relations, information analysis, data protection and personal safety advisement for high-level persons. That is, on paper. Depending on who you know or how you ask, Tom may be able to assist you in other ways.

Tom Quinn grew up in a lower-middle-class home in Central Anglia, where his father was head teacher at a local school; his mother, sadly, died in childbirth. The situation formed him into a quiet boy who was talented in school, but at the same time, he was relatively well-liked, becoming head boy and playing on the rugby team. Underneath the cool exterior lay a cunning streak, however, as well as a limitless devotion to his friends.
Tom was directly recruited into MI5 while working on his MA in international relations. After a few missions in New London and a tragic misstep in the recruitment of Lisa Joyce, he was sent to Ulster, where he distinguished himself and was able to return to Five headquarters. Continuing to do well, he was promoted and led dozens of successful missions, devoted to the importance of his job and the safety/integrity of the state above all else. Eventually, though, both issues in his personal life and several instances of distasteful ethical calls by his boss, Harry Pearce, led him nearly to the point of going rogue. After being set up by ex-CIA operative Herman Joyce (seeking revenge for Tom's failure in his daughter's situation) to take a fall for a political assassination, Tom managed to clear his name, but the rose-tinted glasses were entirely lost, and he could no longer accept the 'collateral damage' that came along with mission work.
After jeopardizing a mission due to concerns about a contact, Tom was decommissioned and set on a pension. Spending a considerable amount of time months completely uncertain of what he should do with himself, he was contacted by ex-lover and former CIA liaison Christine Dale with a business proposition. The two formed a private security firm in New London, focusing on international relations…and are now looking to expand their operations. (Modifying canon slightly, Tom and Christine are not currently romantically involved.)

In a word: English. Sadly, that can't be stressed enough; Tom is really almost stereotypically old school Englishman, thanks to being brought up solely by a father who loved his son but wasn't very good at expressing it. Between that and the necessity of impassivity in his career, Tom's default runs to the cold, aloof and introspective end of things on first glance. The surface Tom Quinn IS polite and charming, as well as generally likeable…he just is rather hard to get to know. That said, once one does get to know him, Tom does have an underlying warmth, accompanied by determination, leadership tendencies, firm-if-grey personal ethics and fierce loyalty. Naturally, those traits fit in with a nasty streak of anger, and while not particularly violent, he will find ways to fuck up anyone who fucks with him or his people. He may have some issues, including a touch of PTSD, but he objects to therapy on principle.
That said, like most people in high-risk situations, and again in a stereotypically English way, Tom has a very dry and sarcastic sense of humour. Also, startlingly, he's quite good with children, possibly because he doesn't believe in patronising them.

In Game

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