The Doctor

Name: Doctor, The
Age: 900+
Race: Time Lord

What you need to know:

Throughout his regenerations, the Doctor's personality has retained a number of consistent traits. His most notable aspect is an unpredictable, affable, clownish exterior concealing a well of great age, wisdom, seriousness and even darkness. While the Doctor can appear childlike and jocular, when the stakes rise, as, for example, in Pyramids of Mars, he will often become cold, driven and callous. Another aspect of the Doctor's persona, which, though always present, has been emphasised or downplayed from incarnation to incarnation, is compassion. The Doctor is a fervent pacifist and is dedicated to the preservation of sentient life, human or otherwise, over violence and war,] even going so far as to doubt the morality of destroying his worst enemies, the Daleks, when he has the chance to do so in Genesis of the Daleks, and again in Evolution of the Daleks. He also, in The Time Monster, begs Kronos to spare the Master torment or death, unintentionally winning the evil Time Lord's freedom, which he tells Jo Grant was preferable anyway, and forgives the Master for his actions in The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords, vowing to take responsibility for his former friend.

Nonetheless, the Doctor will kill when given no other option and occasionally in self-defence. it has also been stated that he was responsible for destroying both the Dalek and Time Lord races in order to end the Time War numerous times in the series beginning in 2005. … On other occasions he is seen to be critical of others who use deadly force, such as his companions Leela in The Face of Evil and Talons of Weng-Chiang, or Jack Harkness in "Utopia".
The Doctor has an extreme dislike for weapons such as firearms or rayguns and will often decline to use them even when they are convenient. He has proven capable of using them effectively when necessary, as seen in Resurrection of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks. He will occasionally use a firearm as a convenient way to bluff his way through a situation, hoping that his foe will not suspect that he does not intend to shoot. He will also occasionally present non-threatening items as weapons so as to fool his enemies, and buy himself time (such as brandishing a water pistol in The Fires of Pompeii, or pretending a Jammie Dodger to be a Tardis self-destruct device in Victory of the Daleks).

The Doctor has a deep sense of right and wrong, and a conviction that it is right to intervene when injustice occurs, which sets him apart from his own people, the Time Lords, and their strict ethic of non-intervention. - From Wikipidia

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