Nathaniel Graison

Player: Zan

What I Am

Age: 19
Race: Wereleopard / Caucasian
Physical description: 5'6" with auburn hair and lilac eyes. He has a swimmer's muscular body and is more pretty than handsome. As a leopard, he is black and slightly larger than a normal leopard.
Abilities: Greater than human strength, sensitive hearing and smell, greater resistance to damage, faster than normal healing, allergic to silver, heal at human normal for silver or fire wounds

Who I Was

Nathaniel would say there’s not much to know about him. He’s a stripper. That’s about it. There’s a much longer story that he doesn’t tell people. He wasn’t an only child. He had an older brother Nicky. When they were younger, their mother died. After that, nothing was ever the same. Their father beat Nicky. Nicky, who wouldn’t scream so Nathaniel screamed for him. Nicky who made him promise that if anything bad happened to him that Nathaniel would run away. Nathaniel kept that promise. He ran as Nicky took a bat to their father. He ran and he kept running.

He ran straight into prostitution and drugs. Anything to keep the memories of his brother, his father, the bat, and the blood splashed across the television at bay. The blood that wasn’t his father’s. He spent years ignoring his past until he met Gabriel. Gabriel was everything Nathaniel thought he needed. He was someone stronger that could protect him like his brother. He wasn’t only stronger, he was different. He was a wereleopard and he turned Nathaniel into a wereleopard, but that didn’t shake Nathaniel’s faith that everything would somehow be all right now.

The reality was somewhat different than the hope. Instead of keeping him safe, Gabriel kept him safer. He stopped Nathaniel from doing drugs, but Gabriel still pimped him out to people looking for someone who could take the amount of damage that Nathaniel could. Gabriel used him, but didn’t care about him. Didn’t protect him where it really mattered. And then he was dead, just like Nicky.

The rest of the wereleopard pard tries to keep an eye on Nathaniel, but they can only do so much. As Brandon, he strips. As Nicky, he sleeps with people. He doesn’t do much as Nathaniel, anymore, except be with his pard.

Who I Am

Nathaniel seems to be two sides of one coin. On stage, he exudes confidence, strength, and a large amount of comfortableness with his sexuality. He attracts and keeps all eyes on him and knows exactly how to use that attention. Behind closed doors, however, Nathaniel is anyone’s meat. Not only is he a natural submissive, but somewhere along the way he has lost the ability to say no to things that would not only hurt him, but have the potential to kill him. Once an empathetic young boy with a strong older brother to protect him, the years and the death of his brother has warped him into a victim. A victim who just wants someone to protect him so he can stop feeling scared all the time.

Where I life

Nathaniel shares a house, and the costs of that house, with the members of his pard.

What I Do

Nathaniel works as both a stripper and as a professional sub, pimped out by the rest of his pard.

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