Gordon Wyatt

Name: Gordon Wyatt
Character LJ: Never an answer
Player: Tal
Original canon: Bones
PB: Stephen Fry
Age: 53

Physical description: 6' 4½", brown hair, but graying, slightly crooked nose. Gordon is a large man, and though he is familiar with diets, it’s not something he worries about often.

He typically wears what a school teacher or university don might wear (jackets, bow ties, waist coats and tweeds).

Living situation: A brownstone house with two doorbells. One for himself and one for his practice. A nice gold plate next to the front door advertises his practice, which is housed on the first floor. He lives above that.

Job: Psychiatrist. Gordon was originally trained in forensic psychology, has ties to the FBI and the KCPD but currently focuses more on his private practice.

His successes in psychology are vast, but if he were to voice his methods, he would attribute them mostly to the ability to remain quiet and frustrate patients into introspection.

He is known at the FBI and KCPD to agents who have run into psychological difficulties and some of the agents who have come to know him have taken to calling "Gordon Gordon", based on Dr. Wyatt's way of introducing himself as "Gordon, Gordon Wyatt", when he first started working in Kin City.

Background: Gordon Wyatt was born in a wealthy family. In his childhood he was the typical privileged Englishman, in New England, New Earth. He was sent to Old Earth to get a proper education at the finer schools in the old home country; Eton and Cambridge.

Once upon a time he broke with his privileged background and became a singer and guitarist in a glam rock band. Those days seem forever away, but he sometimes still misses rock and roll.

After a few years of admittedly dreadful behaviour and shameful substance abuse, he came back to New Earth and chose Kin City as a new home, where he set up a decent life.

Personality: Gordon is Very English. There is nothing he doesn’t know of Earth history and he has a passion for every trivial piece of knowledge there is. A grand collector of everything old and old fashioned. He loves his work and he loves words and language. He’s a smart man and reserved when it comes to personal matters.

Even those who have a natural aversion to psychology seem to take a liking to Dr. Wyatt, because he makes sense. Of course, it is simply a skill to adapt his methods of therapy to the needs of whoever is on the chair in front of him.

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