Commander Sheppard

Name: Kayla Sheppard
Age: 30 (32 if you count the years she spent dead)
Powers: Sheppard is an adept biotic.
Canon: Mass Effect

Job: Forced into what amounts to an early retirement after temporarily joining a terrorist group in an effort to protect human colonies from a series of alien attacks. Former Earth Alliance Military, heavily decorated and well respected. Also the first human asked to join the Spectres, an elite special task force for the Citadel Council.

History: Kayla was raised on Mindoir located on the fringes of the Attican Traverse. Whenshe was sixteen the colony was raided by slavers. The entire settlement was destroyed and her friends and family were slaughtered. A passing Alliance patrol rescued her, but all she loved was destroyed.

She enlisted with the Alliance military and was posted on Elysium. She remained there during the Skyllian Blitz, an attack on the colony by a massive coalition force of slavers, crime syndicates, and batarian warlords.

Sheppard rallied the civilian inhabitants, leading them in their desperate fight to hold off the invaders. When enemy troops broke through the colony's defenses, Kayla single-handedly held them off and sealed the breach.

After hours of brutal fighting, reinforcements finally arrived and the enemy broke ranks and fled. Because of Kayla's actions, Elysium was saved, and she was regarded throughout the Alliance as a true hero.

She worked her way through the ranks quickly and soon she was a commander, stationed on the SSV Normandy en route to a human colony to recover a recently unearthed artifact. The mission was meant to test Shepard's suitability for the role as a Spectre, but quickly changes when the Normandy arrives at the colony to find it's under attack by an unidentified alien space craft.

The mission soon became more than anyone anticipated, and Sheppard found herself hunting a rogue Specter and dealing with visions (courtesy of the ancient artifact) of an oncoming war where an ancient machine race known as the Reapers will wipe out all organic life. She managed to take down the rogue Spector, but the council weren't concerned with her visions.

While on another routine mission, the SSV Normandy was attacked. Sheppard 'went down with the ship' while rescuing the ship's pilot. She managed to save him, but found herself flushed out into space in the processes.

Her body- or what was left of it- was recovered by Cerberus (a human-survivalist paramilitary group known to use terrorist methods to achieve their goals, and preform experiments on human subjects). The leader of the organization, the mysterious illusive man, poured billions of dollars into bringing her back to life in hopes of recruiting her to help investigate a series of vanishing human colonies.

Sheppard discovered that an alien race known as the collectors were responsible for the abductions. With the aid of her team she destroyed their ship, saving the colonies, and possibly all of humanity. However when she returned to the council they revoked her specter status for associating with Cerberus and the Alliance forces her into a desk job.

Now she's living in Kin, still looking into the reapers and waiting for the day she can be on the frontline again.

Personality: Sheppard is a legend, but you wouldn't know it just by talking to her. She can be ruthless and intense, but she's also fiercely loyal to the people who matter in her life and very down to earth.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Mass Effect series, Sheppard is an unusual canon character. For all her story is mapped out in the game, she is, in a way, kind of an OC. She's the protagonist, but she's someone you build from the ground up as you play. You decide if she's male or female, you decide her looks and her history (from preset choices), and even how she'll react in any situation. My Shepard is female, as you can tell in the icon, she's mostly a paragon with some renegade in her (that means she'll usually choose to be humane and good when given the option, but if pushed or feels someone she cares about is being threatened, she has no problem taking someone out to save the people who matter to her, or making a hard call).

Where things get complicated are her relationships. In game you choose who you 'romance', if you romance anyone at all. My Sheppard is bi-sexual, but has only had steady relationships with men so far. She has had a relationship with Kaidan Alenko, and then after their breakup, a relationship with Thane Krios. She's currently not in touch with either man.

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