Player: Falco
Name: Apollo
Race: Post Human
Age: Unknown
Abilities: Powered by solar energy, which he absorbs from the Sun's UV rays, Apollo is also able to store limited quantities inside his body. He's described the way in which he absorbs energy as similar to photosynthesis, however, with no exposure to sun light, he will quickly lose his powers. It only takes about 20 seconds of sunlight exposure to regain his strength and with another 2 hours would be fully charged.. When at full power, Apollo can withstand the molten heat at the Earth's core, destroy entire spaceships by flying through them at intense speeds, and level entire city blocks. He also has no need for oxygen, food or drink, although he enjoys eating and drinking. While he is able to circle the globe in sixty seconds, it is possible for his energy stores to become depleted if kept out of the sun long enough. Apollo's main abilities include:
-Super Strength
-Near Invulnerability
-Solar blasts which shoot from his eyes
Physical Description: Apollo is well over six feet with pale skin and nearly white blond hair. He's a striking figure - earning himself the nickname Sun God which refers to his appearance as well as his powers.


Apollo is quiet and gentle upon first impression. He's a good natured man, and affectionate with those he loves. He is his partner, Midnighter's, foil in every way except one: Apollo is open, loving and gregarious, but he has a cold, wicked temper. The two sides of the same coin, Apollo's life has been a violent one for as long as he can remember and his temper reflects this despite his naturally loving personality. Of course, his memory only goes back a decade or so since his former life was erased from his mind when he entered into the Stormwatch program. Apollo was designed to be a super soldier and he worked for Henry Bendix - the Stormwatch Weatherman - until he, Midnighter and their team were sent a mission from which they were not meant to return. He and Mid were the only two to survive and they went into hiding together, living on the streets for the next five years while Apollo fought to recover from the trauma of witnessing the brutal murder of his entire team - the team he was meant to be leading.

That is when the Authority came in. Formed from the remnants of the defunct Stormwatch the Authority became Apollo and Midnighter's new home. Led now by Jenny Sparks, the Authority worked to stop what they saw as the root causes of widespread crime and corruption - which meant their targets weren't the average criminal on the street, but those in power abusing their positions. During this time, Apollo endured brutal sexual assault at the hands of a fellow super soldier, The Commander. Both he and Midnighter get retribution, however, and while it still haunts Apollo, he no longer loses sleep over it.

After a series of disastrous missions with the Authority - including Apollo's rape - he and Midnighter decided to retire completely. With the help of their team, and their ship - The Carrier - they moved between universes, leaving their old world behind and coming to Kin City and New Earth in the hopes of starting a new life together.

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