Deborah Armstrong

Name: Deborah Armstrong
Player: EC
Character LJ: Power Of Wind Have I Over Thee
Original canon: The Secret Circle trilogy by LJ Smith (books)
Age: 17
Race: Human witch

Physical description: Deborah is a brunette, her lean and athletic build at odds with her pretty, heart-shaped features…usually set in a scowl or some other surly look. She has a crescent tattoo on her collarbone, and can always be seen wearing at least one piece of citrine, a yellow quartz, usually a pendant around her neck. She favors jeans, t-shirts, and her token black leather jacket.

Abilities: Deborah is a direct descendant of the original Salem witches. She can cast spells and call on the four Powers, or elements. She has the strongest affinity for Air, specifically wind, and can summon its power most easily. While crystals are generally just pretty ornaments to some, she has the ability to unlock the power they hold, specifically citrine, her working crystal. While her powers do extend as far as being able to protect her from harm or, at a cost, do things such as lengthen her life, she is ultimately as human as the next person, and toes the darker side of the line between white and black magic, staying primarily on the side of the light.


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