David Jessup

Name: David Jessup
Character LJ: amthescene
Race: Human
Physical description: 5'11, blond hair, blue eyes. Lanky and trim build with defined muscle. His taste in clothing runs toward couture, though he cant afford it so he gets creative with thrift store treasures. Once in a while he will steal something designer from the closet of a house party if he finds something he loves. At times he is intentionally androgynous, playing with his appearance just as he plays with fashion.

David doesn't work. He throws house parties to pay his rent and uses what's left over to live on. He eats from free snack bars and knows the places to get food cheap or free. He dumpster dives if he has to but usually he simply eats a lot of ramen and bar fruit. He always finds a way to get drinks, even if he has to hustle for it, though he'd prefer not to. He'll aslo sell drugs, though he'd rather take them so that's not the best way to make money- but passing off a half a bottle will keep him fluid for a couple days. Somehow he always makes ends meet (barely) but he doesn't care so long as he's having a good time.

Background and Personality:
David always dreamed of coming to Kin City and when he graduated high school he packed up his car and left the sleepy little upstate town where he'd never really fit in to come to where the lights always shined. For a while that car was his home until he met a guy who knew a girl who had a room to let. Eventually she went to rehab and signed over the lease to David. He's had a hard time keeping the place but the building's a bit run down and he doesn't have much furniture, plus it's large so he got a great stereo second hand and he decided a great way to get money was to hold parties and charge at the door. Aside from a few noise citations from the police he's found this is an excellent plan for making ends meet.

He always finds money for clothes and to go out. He's not just in the scene, he is the scene. Everyone knows him, everyone's danced with him, most of them have slept with him. He's fun like no one else is. He's fun in the city in a way he could never have been back home. His mother calls him from time to time but he always cringes at the thought of having to hear about small town gossip and what his sister is doing or when his brother's newest baby is due. For the most part he's content to leave his past behind him, not worry about the future, and live in the moment.

David is the epitome of fun. He doesn't do anything he doesn't want to do. He'd rather have a drink and a laugh and dance away the night. He'd rather get a little high and stare at the headlights on the parkway. He'd rather have a few drinks and run around the park in his underpants playing glo-stick tag. He isn't a nihilist but he's acutely aware of the fact that any moment might be his last so he lives to have fun and make the most of everything. This can make him a bit of a prick because he has no trouble saying he doesn't want to do something (or more often simply blowing it off). But he is a good friend and a good person. He'll always let someone crash on his couch and he's the first person to worry about someone having a bad trip- though he'll usually pass them off to someone far more responsible.

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