Damian Wayne

Name:Damian Wayne

Player: Roshan
Character LJ: sonofwayne
Original canon: DC Comics

Age: 10

Race: Mixed White and Middle Eastern

Physical Description: Damian might only be ten, but he's been training to fight his entire life. He's 4'7" and about 80 lbs, and it's all muscle. He's a natural born fighter who has been honing his skill since he was old enough to walk, and it shows. Damian is wiry and strong without being bulky. He is of mixed decent — his father, Bruce Wayne, is white, and his mother, Talia Al Ghul is mixed Chinese and Arabic. He has short black hair, brown eyes, and light olive skin.


Abilities: Damian has been trained since he was a child to be the heir to Batman's throne. Like everyone else in the Bat family, he has no superpowers, but is a master of many martial arts. He is fast and agile, and his smaller size is an advantage since he uses his opponent's bulk against them. Damian was raised by the League of Assassins, and knows all their secrets. He is particularly good at lethal martial arts moves, but under Bruce's and now Dick's tutelage, he is learning to incapacitate instead of kill his enemies.

History: Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul. Raised by his mother and the league of Assassins, he has always known that he was the son of Bruce Wayne and that he was destined to take his father's place as rightful heir to the Wayne empire — and the Batman cowl. Until then, Damian trained with the League, living all the Middle East and Arab speaking countries while he learned everything the League could teach him.

When he was ten, Talia deemed him old enough to go to Bruce and begin learning from him. Bruce, however, did not know he even had a (biological) son, and did not take it well. Eventually, Bruce grudgingly accepted Damian as his child and began trying to train him to fit into Bruce's mold of acceptable behavior.

Damian lived with Bruce for about six months now, and in that time Bruce gave Damian the Robin costume, probably because Damian was going to go out and "fight crime" whether given permission or not. Now Bruce has decided that he cannot work with Damian, but since Damian refuses to return to Talia (and Bruce can't find her to give him back anyways), he has shipped him off to Kin City in the hopes that Dick will handle Damian better than Bruce can.


Damian is a snotty ten year-old, at first glance. He was raised to think that he was perfect, and he has little patience for "incompetence." He is rude and arrogant and does not get along with many people. However, most of this behavior stems from a secret desire to be accepted and loved, but an inability to express this. Damian was raised by both his parents to believe that showing emotion is a sign of weakness, so he masks his own feelings with a prickly, rude exterior.

Deep down, he is worried that he does not know how to interact with anyone, homesick for his mother and the culture that he grew up in, and lonely, since he can't please his father no matter how hard he tries, and insecure because he has always been told by his mother that he was the rightful heir to Bruce and that he would be cherished by Bruce. Since he has been pushed away, he assumes that he has failed somehow, but he cannot figure out what he has done. He also resents that he has been sent away to who someone he sees as an "interloper," and is angry and hurt that Bruce did not even think him worthy enough to train himself.

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