Cassandra "Cassie" Blake

Name: Cassandra "Cassie" Blake
Character LJ: Of Moon And Sun
Player: Mylia
Original canon: The Secret Circle books
PB: Willa Holland
Age: 19
Race: Human; witch
Physical description: Cassie has gray-blue eyes that can change depending on emotion or how much power she is working with. She refers to her hair as plain and flat brown, but others have called it a soft brown, honey-brown and other descriptions. Her hair is down to her mid-back in length. She’s petite and looks fragile. She’s easily one of the shortest of the people in the Coven and there are times that people underestimate her inner strength because of her looks. She’s slender and engages in moderate exercise due to the many times she’s been having to run or try to climb things.
Wealth: Cassie doesn't have a lot of money, but her coven sister Diana does and she sent Cassie with more than enough money to take care of herself for however long this goes on. Cassie would rather hide that money somewhere safe in case of an emergency and find herself a job. She could probably spend it and then send to Diana and others for extra money, but she doesn't like asking and she's afraid if she contacts Diana by herself, she'll put her in danger. Besides, until they can figure out what Black John is up to, she feels she has to be self-sufficient.
Living Situation: Cassie lives in a modest two bedroom apartment with easy access to multiple exits.
Employment: Bound Treasures


Cassie’s background was nothing spectacular – as far as she knew. She was born and raised in California and was on the outskirts of any of the popular cliques. She went to high school and did the usual things that she supposed all shy high school girls did. She had a few close friends and all in all she was happy and content. All of that changed when her father died. She and her mother moved to New Salem to live with the grandmother she had never met. Once in New Salem, Cassie began to realize that there were quite a bit of things that her mother had never told her. One of the most important things was that she was a witch and was descended from a long line of witches all the way back to the original coven in England before they moved to the New World and started over. It’s not until after she started finding out her history that she discovered that her mother brought her back to New Salem because she was needed. The current Coven of teen witches need Cassie’s power and history to fight their centuries old enemy, Black John, and destroy his evil once and for all.


Before she went to live in New Salem, Cassie would have been described as shy and withdrawn. She had a quick sense of humor, but when insulted she would never think of retorts immediately. Those always came to mind long after the event where she needed the witty repartee was finished. She has a caring heart, and this can sometimes cause her a lot of mental anguish when she is too hard on herself. Since relocating to New Salem, she has gradually started becoming less shy and more assertive. Being friends with the Coven members have taught her to have more faith in herself and to start speaking up. She’s still friendly and caring, just now she has started looking after her own needs and wants at least a little bit more. She will always put the well-being of others before herself, but she won’t needlessly sacrifice herself, either. It’s possible that hanging out with the Henderson twins in the coven has helped a lot with that. She has an inner strength that she underestimates, but those who are close to her know how tough she can be — no matter how scared she might be feeling.


Standard witch powers and abilities; can control Fire and maybe Earth; it is stated she is connected with the powers of the sun and the moon; future sight; dreams true and clear; can command animals and she can mentally communicate with some people over long distances. In canon, the ones she communicates with are those she has some kind of tie with or a bond, or are in the Circle. (Black John can communicate with her mentally — as she can with him — and she hates it.) She studies her Book of Shadows and practices with her magic as often as possible. She has the potential to use dark magics, and whether she likes it or not, she's going to have to learn to work with that side of herself. She has true visionary dreams and works with stones. She is also the one who seems to be the most connected with her ancestral history.

Kin City

After the fight with Black John at the end of book 3, the Circle thinks they have won and that Black John has been defeated forever. That belief doesn't last long, and things start happening in their town that is too much like Black John's M.O. for them not to take the idea seriously that maybe he managed to escape against all odds again. When someone close to the coven is killed, the three Coven Leaders: Cassie, Diana and Faye, each take one of the Master Tools and scatter to different parts of the globe to regroup and see if they can find answers from a safe distance as to how to defeat Black John and his black powers permanently. Different members of the Coven will arrive after they do so that none of the girls are alone. During this, they also need to realize that there is a balance needed with Cassie's light magic and her dark magic or she's not going to survive another fight with Black John. Cassie ends up in Kin City with the armband, trying to make a semblance of a life while working on her powers and waiting to see which of her coven mates will arrive to stay with her.

Scenes Of Importance

Meets Darius And Gets A Job
Meets Drake, Goes Exploring

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