Cassandra Cain

Name: Cassandra Cain
Player: Falco
Original canon: DC comics (Batman, Batgirl)
Age: 18
Physical description: Cassandra is not physically imposing. She's about 5'4" and 123 lbs, but she is 123 lbs of muscle. There is not a part of her body that hasn't been fine tuned. Lithe and fast, she holds herself like a fighter even when in civies. Her father, David Cain, is white, and although she doesn't know her mother, her jet black hair and almond eyes speak to an ambiguous Asian heritage. She isn't prone to revealing clothing, although she does indulge when she feels comfortable, and isn't particularly ashamed, or even very conscious, of the number of scars that mark her body - including lacerations and gunshot wounds.

Abilities: Cassandra is a master of a number of mixed martial arts practices. Raised in a world of fighting, it comes to her like breathing. She is about as strong as a woman her age and weight can be, and equally as graceful. She can move like smoke when she wants to. Her biggest advantage is her ability to read people's body language. Until she learns to read, it is how she communicates - gauging moods and intentions through expression and how people hold themselves. It also means she can pretty much tell what you're going to do before you do it.


Background: It's telling when people like Dick Grayson or Barbara Gordon think you've had a strange childhood. Cassandra Cain was born to David Cain and Lady Shiva as a result of a deal made between the two assassins. Raised by her father, Cassandra never knew her mother, never knew affection, never even knew the sound of a person's voice. Cain was on a quest to create the perfect assassin and he decided the way to do this was to bring a child up in a world filled only with violence. Even before she could walk, Cassandra was being trained. The result was a young girl who had the martial arts skills of a grown man three times her age. She couldn't speak or understand spoken words. What she did understand, was body language. In lieu of spoken language, Cassandra learned to read people's bodies. Moods, intentions, opinions - they could all be read on the body. In a fight, she could literally see what her opponent was going to do before they did it. In this sense, Cain succeeded. Cassandra was a deadly fighter, certainly surpassing his own considerable skills.

However, his success was not complete. At the gentle age of nine, Cain sent Cassandra on her first hit. Following her father's direction, Cass ripped out the throat of a man she'd never met and the impact of seeing him die under her hand changed her life forever. She ran away from her father and the life he'd given her. After wandering for years on her own, seventeen year old Cassandra found herself in Gotham just in time for the cataclysmic events that resulted in No Man's Land. Barbara Gordon took her on as a runner working for Oracle and it was through Barbara that Cassandra was discovered by Batman.

It wasn't long before her past was discovered when David Cain tried to kill Barbara's father, Jim Gordon. Cass saved his life and revealed who her father was. After that, Cass was taken under the Bat-family's wing and she flourished. Batman gave her additional training, experience and a mission. She took his ideals on wholeheartedly as a way to alleviate her guilt for the one life she took as a child. She proved to be an invaluable asset to Batman during No Man's Land as Batgirl, eventually learning to speak thanks to a nudge from a telepath. This affected her ability to read people's bodies, however, and so, when she met Lady Shiva for the first time - not knowing she was her mother - Cass promised to fight her to the death in a year's time in exchange for Shiva reteaching Cass how to fight as she once had.

A year later they fought again and Shiva killed Cass, only to revive her. The second time around, Cass beat her, but didn't kill her, and was thus established as the foremost martial artist in the world.

After her fight with Shiva, Cassandra found herself sent to Kin City under Batman's orders. He says it's because he wants her to get experience on her own, now that it's clear there isn't much he can teach her about vigilantism, but Cass can't help wondering if maybe she's also meant to be keeping an eye on big brother Dick Grayson.

Personality: Despite her strange and violent childhood, Cass isn't morose or even particularly brooding. Her silence and ability to sneak around, paired with the Batgirl costume, have given her a reputation for intensity and eeriness, but once she learns to speak, that changes a little. She is shy and, out of habit, very comfortable when alone. Her close interactions with the members of Batman's team, particularly Barbara and Stephanie, have taught her how to tease and accept teasing. There wasn't a lot of humor in her early life, so she tends to react with a kind of surprised delight when she finds something amusing.

Above all, Cass wants family and love. She never got affection from Cain, and so she is unused to it even as she craves it. Her friendship with Stephanie also shapes her into someone who can carry confidences, give advice and feel needed - all things that are still very important to her.

She is deeply insecure and constantly searching for approval. Batman settles into a fatherly position and as a result, Cass does pretty much everything for his benefit, although that is something she's moving away from by the time she gets to Bludhaven. As a result, she doesn't take rejection well and it wounds her deeper than it should. Despite her need for family, she is constantly on the edge of flight. She fears scorn and abandonment above all other things and it leaves her open to manipulation. She can also be dangerously single minded and determined - something she picked up from Cain and Batman - to the point of shutting other people out and alienating them.

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