Bough Software

Bough Software - Software developer (off world)

Bough Software (USX: BoS) is a Thesselon-based aerospace, information services and products company, employing over 3000 people throughout the Raelicon subsector.

Bough Software provides commercial customers, industrial partners and governments (civil, defense, security, space, and R&D agencies) with such information systems and solutions as:

  • Space robotics, satellite information and payload systems guidance and monitoring.
  • Planetary observation, airborne, surveillance, intelligence, and environmental monitoring.
  • Radar and optical satellite imagery, and, remote sensing.
  • Mapping products.
  • Advanced research and development services for government, defense and commercial customers.
  • Robotic surgery research via its NeuroArm development program.

Bough Software is a member of the Raelicon Conglomerate Technology Industry Association.

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