Bobby Drake

Name: Bobby Drake
Character LJ: cold_blueeyes
Player: Jess
Original canon: X-Men (mostly movieverse)
Age: 21
Race: human (mutant)
Housing Situation: A small apartment near the university campus

Job: University student, part time employee at a trendy menswear store, reluctant superhero

Physical description: (see Shawn Ashmore.) Bobby looks like the boy next door. 5'11", light brown hair, blue eyes, and a friendly, open smile. He's in good physical condition without being overly muscular. When he speaks he occasionally has a light Bostonian accent.

Abilities: Bobby can manipulate water vapor in the air, freezing it and making some pretty awesome ice/snow structures. In addition, he has recently learned how to turn his entire body to ice, though he only does this when absolutely necessary. He's more likely to coat himself with an ice/snow armor plating.

More to come.

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